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  • There was a spirit of retaliation in the air.
  • In retaliation the outlaws burned him out.
  • The desire of retaliation soon became extinct.
  • New note in distance: retaliation to esteemed order....
  • She herself was incapable of any such retaliation upon inanimate objects.
  • Terror begets terror, and ruthlessness arouses retaliation in kind.
  • The object of the British order was declared to be retaliation on Napoleon.
  • The Retaliation 149 XLII.

How To Use Retaliation In A Sentence?

  • Eventually our heavy guns opened out with lively retaliation and the enemy quietened down.
  • As the struggle went on the fury and spirit of retaliation of the insurgents increased.
  • Even her deliberate retaliation by flirting with the gouty-toe brigade did not make amends.
  • A longing for retaliation consumed her; she wished to hurt him before she left.
  • The proceedings were generally short; and in most cases the law of retaliation prevailed.
  • His followers rioted unrestrained, until the fear of retaliation warned them to desist.
  • This will beget acts of retaliation from you; and every retaliation will beget a new revenge.
  • There followed a consultation as to any possible retaliation on the part of Brodsky.
  • A spirit of retaliation was roused within me that I had never before possessed.
  • Jael's act was treachery in retaliation for the treachery on the other side by her husband.
  • This feeble retaliation was swallowed up and overpowered by the torrent of metal that now poured incessantly into their territory.
  • Any retaliation by him would destroy the formal, punitive character which was the essence of the transaction.
  • This caused equally fierce retaliation every time, and resulted in all three being scratched about the thighs.
  • Now it was too late to do anything; the thoughts of retaliation which would come to his mind later on had not yet had the time to mature.
  • He must seek out the survivors, and help plan retaliation against whatever enemy had dealt them this terrible blow.
  • Half savage as he sometimes was, that way had been to stand up to personal punishment, to invite retaliation from his enemies.
  • Their chief diversion was to guy the pedestrians, leaping from insult to swift retaliation if one resented their foul comments.
  • Curly backed and squared, ready for some show of retaliation or resistance, a scornful little grin on his face.
  • The rustlers doubtless were aware of the blow that Chadron was preparing to deliver upon them in retaliation for his recent losses.
  • Into their old strongholds they retired, keeping a sharp lookout for the expected retaliation of the Reds.
  • What casualties, if any, were inflicted we never heard; we certainly had a number as the result of enemy retaliation by shell fire.
  • On meeting with Brant so opportunely by the way, he gave him an outline of the measures of retaliation which he proposed to adopt.
  • The mayor was boarding in the American guardhouse and stern retaliation had been meted out to the Red spies.
  • The officers hastened below to wash and change their dress after this very annoying retaliation on the part of Captain Oughton.
  • Not so the Neapolitan troops, who committed horrors on the peasantry as they retreated, which provoked acts of retaliation almost as barbarous.
  • Even though, in desperate extremity, she should give consent to the arrest of the adventurers, retaliation would follow, swift and sure.
  • Rushing out with Imbono, Jack arrived in the village to find that retaliation had at last been wreaked for months of wrong.
  • Several of our men are known to have been killed by the squaws, and several of the latter were shot down in retaliation by the enraged soldiers or citizens.
  • If the school failure is to be administered as a retaliation or convenience by the teacher, how is the moral or educational welfare of the pupil to be served thereby?
  • They further remonstrated against the monstrosity of burning a whole town of six thousand inhabitants, in retaliation for the six or eight houses named.
  • Whether the literal import of these words be contended for or not, they cannot fairly be construed as teaching anything short of a positive and unconditional prohibition of the retaliation of injury.
  • Hatred belongs to the periods of peace and of strained relations, when the cause of war is present, but the means of retaliation are not at hand or not in action.

Definition of Retaliation

Violent or otherwise punitive response to an act of harm or perceived injustice; a hitting back; revenge.
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