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How To Use Reticent In A Sentence?

  • He was only reticent when policy or prudence counselled such a course of action.
  • This surprised me not a little, for he was usually very reticent about this matter.
  • It was a great admission for this reticent little lady, and they all realized it.
  • The Boers are always very reticent where the number of their killed is concerned.
  • Night and the reticent gray city, averting their eyes, let her slip through unregarded.
  • My pride took alarm, and my polite distance answered in suitable terms to his reticent courtesy.
  • Eglah, knowing your reticent nature, I am perhaps presumptuous in taking a rash step.
  • Tom Brangwyn had always been reticent about where he came from, but Hathor was a good guess.
  • If I have been a little slow and reticent of speech, believe me, it is not that I have not cared.
  • But frank as she was in her admiration of all the world, she remained curiously reticent about herself.
  • They were very reticent about their circumstances, but we gathered that two daughters in service were supporting them.
  • Collins lived in a more reticent century, and attempted to fob off a disease on us as an accomplishment.
  • German official pronouncements are much more reticent in their judgment on these allegations of Belgian cruelties.
  • He was of a reticent and partly phlegmatic nature; though he looked so like his father, he resembled him little in temperament.
  • The only point upon which he is reticent is his experience during the four years that elapsed between his death and his reappearance at Pocock.
  • Elsie continued to be as reticent as she had been of late; her school work was easier now that Josiah was no longer a pupil.
  • He is a good embalmer, reticent of speech and his belief in death and nothingness if expressed would neither find believers nor corrupt our faith.
  • The pose, the reticent colour, the simplicity of the design, the background landscape, all please the eye.
  • The professional historians of the United States are very reticent in their treatment of these themes.
  • He was a reserved, reticent man, and did not understand the boisterous spirits of the little Stuarts.
  • And when an Englishman is reticent in such matters, it is utterly impossible to guess whether he be a millionaire or a penniless younger son.
  • The other girls with whom Clara had formal intercourse showed no desire to win her confidence; they were kept aloof by her reticent civility.
  • He was not less reticent than usual, but there was immense comfort to us, even in Joe's silence.
  • Both physically and in her reticent speech she appealed to him more than ever that morning as a woman whose desire seemed to be to creep through life unnoticed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reticent | Reticent Sentence

  • Dorothy was as reticent on the matter as her father.
  • His voice was reticent and confused.
  • I was reticent and watched; it was too soon to speak.
  • Self-possessed, reticent he was; but not timid.
  • Klem Zareff never was reticent about his past.
  • Next morning he was mysteriously reticent about the disappearance of the hide.
  • The reticent expression of the coachmen sent a tremor through him.
  • The prince proved an agreeable if somewhat reticent companion.
  • The man was growing reticent and his family followed his example.
  • And you're not a reticent person, are you?
  • She is reticent and proud, but of false statements she is incapable.
  • She was reticent and Tom did not get much information from her.
  • Solomon, usually so reticent and reserved, was grown quite voluble.
  • The old Indians are all very reticent regarding their religious beliefs.
  • As a whole we were a merry party, but Grant was a reticent guest.
  • He had thin lips, light-brown hair, steel-blue eyes and a reticent expression.

Definition of Reticent

Keeping one's thoughts and opinions to oneself; reserved or restrained. | (proscribed) Hesitant or not wanting to take some action; reluctant (usually followed by a verb in the infinitive).
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