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  • The tale is too familiar to have to be retold at length.
  • The story is told and retold from every angle.
  • Old Testament stories retold for children.
  • Selected and retold by Githa Sowerby.
  • Stories of chivalry retold from St. Nicholas.
  • Indian stories retold from St. Nicholas.
  • Colonial stories; retold from St. Nicholas.
  • Our holidays; retold from St. Nicholas.
  • Colonial stories retold from St. Nicholas, p. 62.
  • Colonial stories retold from St. Nicholas, p. 135.
  • Bible stories retold by L.L. Weedon.
  • Compiled & retold by S. Felix Mendelsohn.
  • Bible stories retold by L.L. Weedon.
  • Don Quixote of the Mancha; retold by Judge Parry.
  • It is not necessary that the tales of horror should be retold here.
  • They have been told and retold in every pulpit of the world.
  • Stories from Chaucer retold from the Canterbury tales by J.W. McSpadden.
  • Stories from the Faerie Queene; retold from Spenser by L.H. Dawson.

How To Use Retold In A Sentence?

  • A splendid collection of seventeen of the best known ballads retold in prose for children.
  • He has heard the Arabian Nights retold and knows the inward kernel of that romance, which some?
  • A number of the best known plays retold in prose with the most famous speeches included in the original verse.
  • Canterbury chimes; or Chaucer tales retold for children by F. Storr and H. Turner.
  • Canterbury chimes; or Chaucer tales retold for children by F. Storr and H. Turner.
  • These fairy tales retold for children from the "Jataka" are narrated in a simple style which is unpretentious but effective.
  • Among the incidents of his delightful talk with her, retold to me, I recall one which bears upon our present problem.
  • The history and adventures of Robin Hood retold in verse, and attractively illustrated by the author.
  • Layamon retold and amplified the story, using the French poem as his basis, but aided by two other works whose identity is doubtful.
  • Tales of the Canterbury Pilgrims; retold from Chaucer and others by F.J. Harvey Darton.
  • They have been retold simply, with no changes in style or expression beyond such details of presentation which differences between oriental and occidental viewpoints at times compel.
  • And she retold the story of her humiliation one day when she was travelling towards Gilead, in order to purchase some of the balm for which that region was famous.
  • June could stand it no longer; so she told her sorrow to Llewellyn, who had half guessed it, anyhow, and he in turn retold it to his fellow-Wags.

Definition of Retold

simple past tense and past participle of retell
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