Returning Home In A Sentence

How To Use Returning Home In A Sentence?

  • What a state of anxiety must he and my little sisters be in at my not returning home!
  • He had nothing to do all day, and the prospect of returning home was most depressing.
  • She was going out for the evening, and wished to wear it when she was returning home.
  • If cloths must be used, they should be immediately burned on returning home.
  • Returning home he performed her funeral ceremonies, after which he married another wife.
  • Returning home late, he found his wife troubling her heart over his long absence.
  • But upon returning home at night, the old horror of going into the house came on again.
  • Nennocha was sent away to a foster father and mother, returning home at the age of fourteen.
  • After returning home from this performance, he went to bed, never to rise again.
  • Returning home he taught a school, then returned to college, and attended the spring term.
  • On returning home he threw himself upon his bed without undressing, and fell into a deep sleep.
  • On returning home she ran to her room, and drew the letter out of her glove: it was not sealed.
  • Her father was returning home to Bridport by an evening train and she had driven to meet him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Returning Home | Returning Home Sentence

  • The prospect of returning home!
  • It will necessitate your returning home at once.
  • Do not interfere with an army that is returning home.
  • They never speak of returning home.
  • Returning home, he imparted this reflection to the king.
  • I saw him returning home only ten minutes ago.
  • His joy was deep, he felt himself an exile returning home.
  • He was returning home when he met Claude Lantier.
  • Anthony wrote that he and his mother were about returning home.
  • Already she was trying to think of some excuse for returning home.
  • Rumours there were of various kinds about his reasons for returning home.
  • It was he who at length suggested the advisability of returning home.
  • When he had reached the church, the carriage was returning home.
  • The interpreter informed me, that they were returning home with wood.
  • I signed up for copies and received them several months after returning home.
  • Our horses seemed well pleased with the project of returning home.
  • Lavinia thanked her, and rearranged her bonnet preparatory to returning home.
  • Adelaide was returning home, disappointed, but not discouraged.
  • After returning home, he became very ill and died in a few days.
  • On returning home, it is customary that friends should first call upon them.
  • He saw three years' sea service before returning home.
  • Soon a loud noise was heard at a distance: it was the winds returning home.
  • And this he discovered, on returning home, was actually what had happened.
  • Farrington and I were returning home from a trouting expedition.
  • One morning, as he was returning home from a visit, the janitor addressed him.
  • Some time later, on returning home, he was met in the yard by his mother.
  • The old watchmaker, on returning home, resumed his labours with feverish zeal.
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