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How To Use Reunion In A Sentence?

  • Not since that impulsive clasp of reunion in the palace had he touched her in caress.
  • One evening is sure to be consecrated to a grand family reunion at a restaurant.
  • She did not wake as usual to a reunion with herself, but to a reunion with another self.
  • Such reunion is permitted only with the father, the brothers, and the paternal uncle.
  • It is said that at the end he would have preferred to seek reunion with Britain.
  • Would God deny any Christian mother reunion with her innocent baby in the world of spirits?
  • Upon the reunion of Sun and Moon these lower kingdoms are drawn into the Sun sphere.
  • One of these is the Reunion Conference which meets annually at Grindelwald in Switzerland.
  • Pat was delighted that their old pal had turned up, and decided that they would have to have a reunion very soon.
  • He was so rejoiced at the reunion of his little family that he was not willing to leave his loved ones even for a moment.
  • On submission of the matter to a vote of the cabildos, most of them approved reunion with the northern neighbor.
  • Her sitting-room had been appropriated as a refuge for the tenants, and this sudden reunion was my introduction to them.
  • He wanted to prevent you from attending the reunion of the shades, in the cities of the lower world.
  • La réunion de ces comtés avait été faite à la France sous le règne de Louis XI.
  • Receive it back, as the beautiful twining-plant receives again its blossom in token of its reunion with the spring.
  • She had not realised till she received the message, how much she had been depending for happiness on the prospect of their reunion in the autumn.
  • The chamber upon which the portico opens is the funerary chapel, the place of reunion for the friends and relations of the dead.
  • To them it seemed a veritable resurrection after our months of living burial; yet the joy of reunion was sometimes tinged with sorrow.
  • The reunion of the Lunechien friends and families was a cause for celebration throughout the Forest.
  • He allots space among the old Thirteen, and reserves a place at the feast of reunion to the mother of that rebellious sisterhood.
  • Historical events are accurately traced leading up to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, with reunion and happiness for all who deserve it.
  • Historical events are accurately traced leading up to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, with reunion and happiness for all who deserve it.
  • The occurrence of any one of these contingencies would be fatal to their hopes of reunion with the globe, from which they had been so strangely severed.
  • For years she had carried about a heart aching with longing for this treasure of her own flesh and blood, so that their reunion altered her whole life.
  • They view it as an old member of the kingdom of France, which may be easily reunited in the manner and on the principles of the reunion of Avignon.
  • Aussi, ne vis-je jamais réunion plus spirituelle, fusion plus complète de sentiments, feu d'artifice plus brillant d'esprit français.
  • It has been said that every cloud has its silver lining, and the silver lining of our war cloud is the redemption of a race and the reunion of severed hearts.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reunion | Reunion Sentence

  • The reunion of forces at the centre of gravity.
  • La réunion du savoir et de l'inspiration constitue l'art.
  • But why has he not accompanied you to our little reunion to-night?
  • And then a reunion with the Indian he'd known as a boy.
  • This missing man I met at the recent reunion of our regiment.
  • In our moments of reunion Jimmie always talked a great deal about himself.
  • There is a little reunion to-night of what may be called female Bohemians.
  • On the 7th Lamb arrived for his long-planned reunion with Coleridge.
  • Thy Paradise is My love; thy heavenly home, reunion with Me.
  • A few days after there was a brilliant reunion at Princess Shadursky's.

Definition of Reunion

The process or act of reuniting. | A planned event at which members of a dispersed group meet together.
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