Revealing In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Revealing | Revealing Sentence

  • Militarism itself is revealing a mission.
  • The revealing moment and other plays.
  • He was revealing himself in a new light.
  • Daylight makes sin by revealing it.
  • Again was the object caught in the revealing light.
  • He stole away again without revealing himself.
  • I did not think it referred to the revealing spirit.
  • And he had hit upon the most revealing one of them all.
  • She tried vainly to discover a trace of revealing outline.
  • It swung in, revealing a sort of shrine.
  • I echoed, startled into revealing the truth.
  • He flung back his coat, revealing a star.
  • It stood a few inches open, revealing nothing.
  • His humor left him, revealing his premature haggardness.
  • Hawksley smiled, revealing beautifully white teeth.
  • The smile widened, revealing the cruel white teeth.
  • He jerked back the lid, revealing the packages of money.
  • The veil was thrown back, revealing a well-known face.
  • And he felt no reason for revealing his little secret....
  • How could I without revealing the secret of her father?
  • The story revealing the hidden Santa Claus family.
  • He started at the vision of her and at the revealing illumination.
  • Jimmy's character was gradually revealing itself.
  • Once more this extraordinary man was revealing himself to her in a new light.
  • The revealing of the unconscious in psychic life is all it aims to accomplish.
  • It's revealing to see who they choose to mock.
  • Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us our appearance only.
  • Basil obeyed, revealing an undergarment that was still more foul.
  • It is capable of revealing the mind and soul of the one who plays upon it.
  • Manguino went to his desk and opened a side of it revealing a hidden recess.
  • It is like a tear in a curtain revealing quite unexpected backgrounds.
  • She stood up forthwith, revealing again her majestic stature and pose.
  • Among them were a few isolated cones, revealing the mark of the eternal snows.
  • He twisted the boy round, revealing the hand which held the purse.

How To Use Revealing In A Sentence?

  • It was almost as if he were assuring himself of the safety of revealing himself.
  • Perhaps it chiefly made her less lonely by revealing to her how lonely she had been.
  • And presently the company came along and swung into that revealing flood of light.
  • Without revealing who she was to members of the investigation squad, she hailed a taxi.
  • He waited for a revealing flash of lightning in the hope that it would show him a way out.
  • The taking of photographs was expected to help in revealing the position of the hidden gun.

Definition of Revealing

Informative. | Of clothing: allowing more than is usual to be seen. | present participle of reveal

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