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  • They are not a revengeful people.
  • The words of the revengeful tiger rang in his ear.
  • You have offended me, I am revengeful like the very devil!
  • He was as revengeful as a Red Indian.
  • Mort Bemis gave Jack Knight a revengeful look.
  • I don't feel revengeful against him.
  • He saw his young wife hounded to death by his fierce and revengeful mother.
  • Was he a malignant and revengeful old party, or was he merely feeble-minded?
  • She felt cheated, stunted, revengeful because of this common fate.
  • They talk it all over quietly, and Oline seems less revengeful now.
  • He has always been revengeful and he owed our friend, the Rector, a grudge.
  • I swear upon the cross the revengeful Black Hand could save me.
  • And there glistened something like revengeful triumph in Shund's feline, eyes.

How To Use Revengeful In A Sentence?

  • Though not a revengeful character, he had not that meekness which never resents.
  • Had they discovered the secret that he had kept all the dark, revengeful years?
  • He was revengeful and cruel, and assisted some of his children to butcher and destroy others.
  • Greene is a revengeful sleuth-hound, tracking his victim down relentlessly from place to place.
  • However, now the first numbing terror of the bullet was changed to a sort of revengeful delight.
  • Can that be the spirit of the malicious and revengeful agent of the dark deeds of Satan?
  • The rest had quieted his nerves, and he was the stolid, revengeful Indian again.
  • The Fantees are a larger race of negroes, hard to manage, and possessing a revengeful nature.
  • For, having once been guilty, well they know, To a revengeful prince they still are so.
  • I could not afford to fall out with Lukwazi, my Chief, and a powerful, revengeful man.
  • So revengeful and sanguinary had the contest been between these tribes, that no personal communication could take place.
  • Their ignorance, their malice, their misguided and revengeful zeal excited only pity in his breast.
  • We seek not to gratify any revengeful feeling for what has passed, but yet all our endeavours have hitherto proved ineffectual.
  • Not only that, but the effort to redeem him has warped and twisted him into a cunning and revengeful creature; all malice and no honor.
  • He began to suspect that famine was not sent by some enraged and revengeful deity, but resuited often from the neglect and ignorance of man.
  • But the revengeful half-grin on the face of the witness turned to rather a blank look as the defence began upon him in cross-examination.
  • No people have a greater love of liberty or affection for their relations, yet they are the most revengeful race on earth, and inhumanly cruel.
  • He meant to make plain to a revengeful man that Josiah had friends and that the attempt to blackmail him would be dangerous.
  • The little cripple cried out with fear and pain, injured as he was by Hanks' revengeful act.
  • He thought of her as a hard, revengeful woman, who, because hurt herself, was going to harm to the full measure of her power.
  • In an instant the revengeful beast has cleared the angle of bush where it had lain silently biding its time, and is almost on top of Bill.
  • His act of swindling his accomplices, he knew well, would create revengeful enemies, who would spare neither time nor money to hunt him down.
  • The Quakers, whose revengeful feelings were not less deep because they were inactive, remembered this man and his associates in after-times.
  • To this deceit they have now added revengeful spitefulness and cruelty truly barbarian against the non-Germans and non-Magyars.
  • The sinking of the Barbarian had been met with cheers by the Hellenes, by howls of revengeful rage by the host against them.
  • He was a strange compound of revengeful morality, malicious forgiveness, ferocious charity, egotistic humility, and a kind of hellish justice.
  • A temporary victory, followed up by revengeful executions, is succeeded by defeat, captivity, loss of the crown, and a fearful death.

Definition of Revengeful

Vengeful, vindictive. [from 16th c.]
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