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  • And then a roar that reverberated through the timber.
  • Each knock reverberated horribly in her brain.
  • Her might reverberated in the roar of her name.
  • My feet reverberated in those empty and silent chambers.
  • A sharp rat-a-tat-tat had reverberated through the house.
  • He sounded a note that rolled about and reverberated weirdly.
  • Then the enraged roar of a wild beast reverberated through the room.
  • The house reverberated with the soft chords of a pipe organ.
  • From the shooting-box shouts of revelry reverberated up to us.
  • Lightning flashed and terrific peals of thunder reverberated through the air.
  • Scotty's voice reverberated in the stone passageway.
  • It reverberated in the depths of Missy's being.
  • A deep-voiced gong suddenly reverberated while Peter tensed himself.
  • Then Billy Porter uttered an oath that reverberated from the rocky wall.

How To Use Reverberated In A Sentence?

  • It reverberated like the drumming of a woodcock that comes to the ear from four quarters at once.
  • The roof is so vaulted that every tread is reverberated endlessly in hollow tones.
  • The walls of the ravine reverberated horridly with the sound of the sudden human voice.
  • But it was only the name that reverberated within the walls of her brain, harrowed by fever.
  • Cries reverberated under the great glass dome, and trains pulled out with deafening roars.
  • As they parted a long, low howl rose tremulously and reverberated through the night.
  • A noise of something being moved reverberated in the hospital below, and Arnold opened his eyes.
  • In George's brain the echoes of Dalrymple's triumph reverberated more and more intelligibly.
  • Suddenly a cry rang in his ears with the sharpness of a pistol shot and reverberated through the cavern.
  • Long drawn out exclamations reverberated in whatever corner of the office he happened to be searching.
  • The scout straightened and raised a piercing yell that reverberated threateningly through the swamp.
  • But when a hollow boom reverberated among the hills and jarred the granite under his face he sat up.
  • I lifted the heavy brass knocker very cautiously, for it was ponderous enough to have reverberated through the house.
  • Next came more blackness and crash upon crash of such thunder that the earth shook as it reverberated from the mountain cliffs.
  • To their roarings and growlings which reverberated from afar, there echoed back those of other ferocious beasts running up to join them.
  • As the report of the shot reverberated back from the mountains, it was followed by a perfect crescendo of wolf howls.
  • And the glad cry is taken up and reverberated from story to story until it bursts wildly out into the rain-choked air at the very summit.
  • Instead, the noise that reverberated through the valley suddenly ceased, and there fell an intense stillness.
  • These notes were of course reverberated from the rocks which on either side towered aloft, but the echo was confused and indistinct.
  • It was a strange, unearthly sound, and reverberated through the forest like the roll of distant thunder.
  • The sharp, brassy report was reverberated from the dark mountains on the starboard side in a wonderfully distinct echo.
  • O! how would their bosoms have reverberated with unutterable joy and triumph, in view of changing worlds.
  • Great billows burst into spray on the beach, and the diapason of the surf reverberated in his ears like rich organ music.
  • The internal heavens were rent open with gulfs of sulphur-colored fire, while the thunder reverberated with terrible concussions.
  • Then one of the warriors, who seemed to be a leader, suddenly straightened and raised a piercing yell that reverberated wildly through the camp.
  • I got easily forth of the chamber, which reverberated with the voices of these merry and learned gentlemen, and breathed a long breath.

Definition of Reverberated

simple past tense and past participle of reverberate
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