Reverently in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Reverently

1. He lifted her hand reverently to his lips and kissed it. 🔊

2. Tenderly and reverently Quimbleton bent over her. 🔊

3. That, too, she laid reverently within its wrapper. 🔊

4. Old Morrow had been duly and reverently buried. 🔊

5. And the multitudes prostrate themselves and reverently kiss the glass. 🔊

6. Each little soul was humbly asked for and reverently prepared for. 🔊

7. The leader bowed reverently to the beautiful advocate of progress. 🔊

8. Johnnie, the piper, spoke as reverently as if he were at mass. 🔊

9. Tonelli took the chain, and reverently kissed it and the hands that gave it. 🔊

10. He touched the hair reverently as one would touch the garments of a saint. 🔊

11. But let us reverently look a little closer that we may understand yet better. 🔊

12. We may say reverently that this was the only way in which God could forgive. 🔊

13. Then he stood back, reverently looked upon her dear face, and turned away. 🔊

14. May no one excel thee in heroism Thy name be reverently remembered. 🔊

15. We laid it reverently upon the wagon-cartel, and I seized the whip. 🔊

How to use Reverently in Sentences?

1. He is about to place his sonnet reverently at the foot of the altar amongst his other verses. 🔊

2. I lowered him reverently to the floor and finally severed the horrible ligature around his throat. 🔊

3. He stooped and reverently kissed her snow white brow, then sprang in the buggy and was gone. 🔊

4. Her little, white-gloved hand was again in his, and he had raised it reverently to his lips. 🔊

5. Instantly it had a vivid interest for her, he held it so reverently and, it seemed, so tenderly. 🔊

6. The Jew opened it, taking out the chain and the ring reverently and putting them in his breast. 🔊

7. Miss Ashton rose, and every head in the crowded hall was reverently bowed as she prayed. 🔊