Reviewing in a sentence

Definition of Reviewing

present participle of review | The act by which something is reviewed, or thought about again; a mental review.

How to use Reviewing in a Sentence?

  • I cannot on reviewing my work accuse myself of lack of candor nor yet of undue enthusiasm.
  • She spoke thoughtfully, as if reviewing what was not altogether clear in her own mind.
  • It is a vice, not a virtue, of reviewing to be lukewarm either in the one or the other.
  • He sat thus reviewing these things and smoking leisurely, in the manner of a satisfied man.
  • For reviewing phonograms and fixing the vowel sounds as well, the following game is used.
  • They commenced the business by reviewing their forces, to the number of one hundred thousand men.
  • The three lines were all formed within twenty minutes, ready for the reviewing officers.
  • That hot night I lay awake through many hours calmly reviewing the whole situation.
  • He was reviewing his forces and mentally struggling to penetrate the pall which obscured the future.
  • The various corps and subdivisions of the army were started on the march for the reviewing ground so as to reach it at about the same time.
  • In reviewing her subjects one realises afresh the richness of the world she created within her own darkness.
  • What need of reviewing the last chapter of his knowledge of the woman who was so compelling in her helplessness and her childlike faith?
  • Major-General Edwin V. Sumner, commanding the right grand division, was the reviewing officer.
  • The only mental process of which she was capable was reviewing the misery of days just past and anticipating that of the days to come.
  • Ruxton paused as though reviewing and criticizing the scene, to observe the completeness of the operation.
  • Kate made believe that she needed his help in reviewing her own studies, and so carried him through all she had gone over in the seminary classes.
  • Leslie said the latter separately and after a pause, as if from a particular case she had been led to reviewing the whole subject.
  • He passed down the line like a general reviewing his troops, tapping lightly with a cane various arms and legs which were not in position.
  • Helen had been sitting alone before Edith came, reviewing her past and drearily speculating of her future.
  • Without reviewing the arguments in detail, and while doing full justice to the profound learning displayed by M.
  • In reviewing the subjects chosen by Sandro for his pictures, one is struck by certain characteristic omissions.
  • It came to the eve of the trial, and he watched all night in his high chamber, reviewing what he knew, and already secure of success.
  • Val, reviewing the position, knew that it would be fatal to let Haidee lose her head over this young worldling.
  • To do this properly, I had to imagine the presence of a reviewing officer standing before our line at the proper distance of thirty to forty yards.
  • He sat grimly in the observation car, reviewing a dispiriting landscape set with swamps, razorbacks, buzzards, and niggers.
  • There needs nothing more deeply to imprint it on my memory; and, while thus reviewing the past, I should be iniquitously neglecting the present.
  • One of the faults of modern reviewing seems to me to be that the standards of many critics are derived almost entirely from the literature of the last thirty years.
  • And this observation is by no means addressed to mere questions of reviewing in the minor sense, but rather to literature in the mass as representing the culture of the time.

Short Example Sentence for Reviewing

  • Perhaps reviewing is not exactly a form of literature.
  • There are three ways of reviewing a book.
  • Xerxes was at Phaleron reviewing his fleet.
  • However, actually reviewing the majority of this stuff is impossible.
  • He was fond of reviewing his actions, their causes, and their effects.
  • In reviewing a work of fiction, don't give away the plot.
  • I stood there reviewing the past, puzzled, utterly unable to account for it.
  • I did not notice your fine work in reviewing the Clouston treatise.
  • So far I have been stating a situation and reviewing certain possibilities.
  • I now conclude my narrative, by reviewing briefly what I have written.
  • It must be with Adelaide, he thought, rapidly reviewing his past.
  • So Andrew, reviewing the past three weeks, was prey to a passionate regret.

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