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  • Nor did the reviling stop there.
  • And as George passed out he heard him reviling the candidate.

How To Use Reviling In A Sentence?

  • The self-appointed imam only replied by reviling the odious tenets of the Ismailites.
  • I repent in ashes for reviling the Daddy who wrote that Sonnet against damned Riches.
  • The man who had been reviling the life of a soldier springs instantly to his feet and looks anxiously at his watch.
  • At times, she felt like reviling and scoffing at affections that up to this time had been hoarded away from her own thoughts.
  • But the Captain was aware any tenderness to the man whom everyone was reviling would excite suspicion.
  • She was constantly examining the face of that old brass clock, and reviling it in her heart because the hands went round so slowly.
  • When the poet broke forth, reviling his own conduct, the Chevalier silenced him with a gesture of the hand.
  • Nicenes and Arians forgot their enmity in the pleasant task of reviling the gods and cursing Julian.
  • The enemy stood about, mocking and reviling them; some they threatened with their swords, and others that seemed to bear themselves too proudly they wounded and even slew.
  • The old woman in the corner lifted her face to look at them; perhaps she thought that in some way or other they were reviling the dead, for she staggered to her feet and crossed over to the table.

Definition of Reviling

present participle of revile | reproach; abuse; vilification
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