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  • The revision of the process commenced.
  • In revision study to improve the diction.
  • Final revision and finishing touches are lacking.
  • We cannot get a revision of the laws of human life.
  • Pashitch, demands revision of treaty, 95.
  • The Revision of the Treaty.
  • A second revision of the Seaside Sparrows.
  • La Révision du Procès de Rennes.
  • There was also a revision of Book III.
  • What the cause of that dissent which has made a revision necessary?
  • These have been argued to be evidence of revision of an earlier work.
  • Deliberate revision implies a deliberate purpose to the alterations made.
  • Fehler eingeschlichen, der auch bei der Revision nicht entdeckt wird.
  • This office was added at the last revision of the Prayer Book, in 1661.
  • The last work of his busy life was the revision of the Bay Psalm Book.
  • The 'overseeing' of which they speak, probably meant a revision of the MSS.
  • The last revision was made in 1661, at the Savoy Conference, under Charles II.

How To Use Revision In A Sentence?

  • Both therefore require a revision of the system of providing for the destitute.
  • It has seemed to me after careful revision that no one of the examples given can be omitted.
  • It may by its pressure on the employer bring about a revision of productive methods.
  • It never underwent the systematic revision which has been the lot of most other sacred books.
  • He has also taken an active part in the revision of the text of certain chapters.
  • They urge consideration of revision of union charters to permit negroes to become members.
  • Such plans shall be subject to reconsideration and revision at least every ten years.
  • Enough has been said to show what scope there is for revision of this sentimental Volapuk.
  • A rehearsal of the nearly finished product is held, followed by a final revision of the text.
  • I hope to make a thorough revision of the book, in case a second edition is called for.
  • This revision forms the greater part, if not the whole, of the gloss which appears below.
  • Islam is undergoing a process of revision closely parallel to that which ransacks Christianity.
  • The whole restriction was, however, finally removed on the revision of the Statutes in 1856.
  • At this time, Casanova was revising, or had completed his revision of, the twelve volumes.
  • A thorough revision of the executive departments is necessary if government is to be both efficient and economical.
  • We do not wonder that such fragmentary manuscript always suggested the idea of revision and correction.
  • The liability to revision in science itself increases as that body of knowledge becomes more highly unified and systematic.
  • For these reasons it appears to me that a due regard to the interest of religion requires a revision of the common version.
  • This revision by the judge who presided at the trial gives a singular and unique value and authority to the work.
  • His discoveries and devices were not partial and imperfect, but such as have needed little revision or improvement.
  • In the case of the run of physical sciences this revision is less necessary; and for no very recondite reason.
  • On May 28 Mr. Pashitch, the Servian prime minister, formally demanded a revision of the treaty.
  • Furthermore, revision of the existing differentials would be undertaken only when the case for revision seemed definite and clear.

Definition of Revision

To provide with a new vision. | (uncountable) The process of revising: | (countable) A changed edition, or new version; a modification.
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