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  • Now they displayed a reviving interest in life.
  • The last reviving draught of cool refreshment!
  • The reviving Julia begged to know how August was.
  • Remember Hitler reviving it among the German universities?
  • By Spring's reviving green.
  • But methinks yet I should have hope of reviving your charity.
  • God was constantly reviving the Jewish nation in those olden times.
  • Prevent his warm reviving ray, Or shade the influence of the day?

How To Use Reviving In A Sentence?

  • But how different the tranquillity of reviving day from the solemn repose of night.
  • She was evidently disposed to abide by her own theory of reviving embers and falling sparks.
  • Then reviving prosperity and the activity of rival roads led to a new period of expansion.
  • The journey did not overtire me, and change of air had its usual reviving effect.
  • He signs himself with the holy cross, and sweet reviving thoughts enliven him.
  • The patter of the rain lessened and grew still; a sweet reviving air blew in at the windows.
  • But reviving still more, a light of recognition came into his face, and he moved his head.
  • The Indian began to heave and pant as the force of reviving life wracked his body.
  • The reviving fortunes of the Grand Duke were a sure guarantee of their fidelity.
  • The removal of danger was producing its usual effect, among the Allies, of reviving jealousy.
  • Nor am I reviving what may be called the old Native American cry, for we have outlived that.
  • Ebenezer Brown seized the opportunity for reviving "The Observer" with Gerard as editor.
  • The stages of nature are the preparation for the reviving of a spirituality that has been deliberately forfeited.
  • He was the first of the golden youth of his set to adopt the then reviving mode of parting the hair on the middle of the head.
  • Much of this gain has been made by the reviving confidence of human beings that sooner or later tuberculosis would be destroyed.
  • The two ladies came out from the house to breathe the perfume-laden air and to enjoy the sounds of reviving nature.
  • The Congressmen from the north do not seem to feel all the interest they should in reviving the south.
  • It was arranged in a moment, and with reviving hope she gave the children their tea and strove to get them early to bed.
  • Five years after he will be found reviving the principles which he combated on the 5th of October 1795.
  • Vixen, recognising friends, trotted off with reviving strength, and a high head and tail to meet them.
  • They fail to see that the influence of the Church can only be strengthened by educating the clergy and reviving their spiritual life.
  • He swelled with pride as he spoke, as if visualizing himself on the platform, the centre of thousands of eyes, the champion of reviving faith.
  • Lois stooped over and laid her cheek to his hair, to his hand, as one who sought for the swift, reviving warmth of the spirit.
  • Gills simple, pileus dry, soon withering, then reviving when moist, Marasmius.
  • To Mackenzie belongs the questionable credit of reviving their use when Tory magistrates had become ashamed to employ them any longer.
  • It would mean reviving one of the distinct peculiarities of present society and giving it the sanction of the Social Revolution.
  • Never did any minister of finance undertake a task apparently so hopeless as that so fully accomplished by Mr. Chase in reviving the public credit.
  • He recalled stories of catalepsy, the marvels of magnetism, and he said to himself that by willing it with all his force he might perhaps succeed in reviving her.
  • The active and sagacious Brant succeeded in reviving his favorite project of an alliance between the Six Nations and the northwestern tribes.
  • Give him a chance, by reviving his best efforts, and bringing them to public attention, so that a publisher will find them worthy of publication.
  • The business of reviving finished, the old woman left her a handkerchief damp with a keen scent and went about the work of unpacking a hamper that she brought in.
  • Literally, we set about reviving Hicks, with a view to learning from him what had become of Lyn Rowan.

Definition of Reviving

present participle of revive | A revival; a bringing back to life.
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