Revolution in a sentence

Definition of Revolution

A political upheaval in a government or nation state characterized by great change. | The removal and replacement of a government, especially by sudden violent action. | Rotation: the turning of an object around an axis.

How to use Revolution in a Sentence?

  • The revolution had paralyzed agriculture and commerce and thrown the country into financial chaos.
  • The substantial charge upon him is concerning his doctrines relative to the Revolution of 1688.
  • First, that no counter revolution is to be expected in France from internal causes solely.
  • On the Revolution he became a publisher of an infamous newspaper, which he still continues.
  • The whole spirit of the Revolution in Ireland was that of not the mildest conqueror.
  • There is an old cathedral in Cebu, and another new one was erected when the revolution was begun.
  • The last revolution of doctrine and theory which has happened in Europe is the Reformation.
  • By the close of 1815 the revolution had been put down in all the provinces except La Plata.
  • There would have been no Bolshevist revolution in Russia and no economic collapse of Europe.
  • The Revolution and Hanover succession had been objects of the highest veneration to the old Whigs.
  • I am a Daughter of the Revolution and my father fought all through the Civil War as a sutler.
  • It creates at that time all the motive force that will be dispensed during the entire revolution of the wing.
  • As is to be expected from any two-pole alternating generator, there is one cycle of current for each revolution of the armature.
  • While a coil is being wound, it is a simple matter to count the turns by any simple form of revolution counter.
  • Florence became weary of tyranny and rose in a revolution which drove the Medici from the city in 1527.
  • Nothing but a genuine social revolution could bring such ideas to victory and that, in 1763, lay very far in the future.
  • Their arguments against {60} revolution or independence left, after all, no alternative except submission.
  • In the years that immediately followed the French revolution he had gone through the usual anarchic stage of intelligent youth.
  • It was reserved for Newton to produce a revolution in the mode of treating this branch of knowledge, as well as that of physical astronomy.
  • The revolution which had broken out in Piedmont was also suppressed by a detachment of the Austrian army.
  • America was preparing, but had not yet arrived, and the chief result of the Russian revolution had been the collapse of the eastern front.
  • And almost every village in the Island groans under want, and courts even the desolation of contested revolution for a change.
  • It was the French Revolution of that cold tyranny, the vindictive overthrow of the pampered vegetable aristocrats.
  • If ever any rebellion can arise against the present system, it must begin, where the Revolution which gave birth to it did, at the capital.
  • From the very commencement of the Revolution General Luckner indulged in violent sallies against her.
  • It is obvious that this may be accomplished if the circuit of the generator be broken during each half revolution so that its circuit is completed only when current is being generated in one direction.
  • For this reason we shall first trace rapidly the course of the revolution in the south, of which San Martin was the directing power.
  • They cannot assert that the Polish Revolution cost more dearly than that of France to the interests and feelings of multitudes of men.
  • At each revolution of a flyer a twist was put into the attenuated roving, and the flyer wrapped as much thread upon a spool as the rollers delivered.
  • It saw Great Britain on what truly enough looked to most of the world like the brink of revolution in Ireland.
  • But the Revolution operated differently in England and Ireland, in many, and these essential particulars.

Short Example Sentence for Revolution

  • Every revolution contains in it something of evil.
  • The revolution in society has reached this class.
  • The internet revolution was a do-it-yourself revolution.
  • In the year 1810 the revolution opened upon a vast scale.
  • The revolution in its treatment is a real romance of industry.
  • Faster and faster he flew, gaining speed with every revolution of the wheels.
  • Well, and in this respect is not the revolution of February a hard lesson?
  • This treaty was in full force when the Panama revolution of 1903 took place.
  • The French Revolution is no part of their original contract.

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