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  • Nothing in these pages will revolutionize anything.
  • This oil boom is going to revolutionize things.
  • A new branch of industry is going to revolutionize the lace trade.
  • If it succeeds, it will revolutionize the economic life of the country.
  • They never revolutionize in England--they transform.

How To Use Revolutionize In A Sentence?

  • Not only did she revolutionize the stage, but she was the first actress to be taken up by society.
  • Affianced young man, life has its epochs, which revolutionize it for good or bad.
  • The introduction of the lathe, for example, might almost revolutionize form in clay.
  • It should be the mission of America, by the silent influence of a glorious example, to revolutionize all despotisms.
  • Flourishing broadcast through all human creation is enough good will to revolutionize the world in a decade.
  • They are experts in their line and were examining the plans of an invention which the inventor claimed would revolutionize mining.
  • He writes like an inventor who needs but little to enable him to perfect a machine which is to revolutionize labor.
  • We have enough enactments now to revolutionize our cities and strike terror through the drinking-houses and gambling-dens and houses of sin.
  • Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize and make their own of as much territory as they inhabit.
  • To rob him of his oracular infallibility might greatly improve the husband, but it would revolutionize the character of the home.
  • People afflicted with moist hands should revolutionize their habits, take more out-door exercise and more frequent baths.
  • Smith's Bible, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and the spiritual rappers, may yet revolutionize our world.
  • In all these Plays there is but a hint, a prophecy, of the great drama destined to revolutionize the poetic thought of the world.
  • They are refugees, Italian refugees; two political and two criminal exiles, leaders now of a conspiracy to revolutionize their country.
  • A certain Gen. Rangel attempted to revolutionize the government, and is said to have been favored by the partizans of the late administration.
  • It should be the key to our whole attitude toward the disease, and once given its rightful place in our minds, will revolutionize our situation with regard to it.
  • Already the law is beginning to recognize this principle, which is destined to revolutionize all the world; but we are not the leaders in this democracy, because our plutocracy is too strong.
  • Such a machine would revolutionize the tenant system, would permit a larger production of food, and at the same time would set labor free for other occupations.

Definition of Revolutionize

to radically or significantly change, as in a revolution
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