Revolver In A Sentence

How To Use Revolver In A Sentence?

  • She threw herself upon his arm and dragged down the revolver which he had raised.
  • Wallie reached under his pillow and produced a pearl-handled revolver of 32 calibre.
  • In the room she had just left a cowboy sat at the table, taking apart a revolver to clean it.
  • Her horse stood almost over Lawrence and her revolver was pointed at his breast.
  • He raised his revolver to fire, but Lawrence was first and the revolver dropped.
  • He had dropped the reins and was struggling to draw a revolver from his right holster with his left hand.
  • He emptied the second revolver into the mass of his foes and hurled the now useless weapon in their faces.
  • When his revolver was empty he flung it into the sheriff's face and made a break for his horse.
  • Here the whistling of a bullet from the revolver of the nearest guerrilla brought their thoughts back to the seriousness of their own situation.
  • He tore his feet from the spot and walked straight before him, gripping the revolver and peering into the obscurity fearfully.
  • He shoved the revolver muzzle, still in his left hand, deep into the other's abdomen.
  • There came more and more plainly to their ears the sound of a vast confused shouting, mingled with rapid punctuation of revolver fire.
  • The revolver clattered to the floor, and the woman who had fired it leaned heavily against the mantel, covering her eyes.
  • He had removed his belt to work, and his revolver lay in the holster on the bench, its grip just within reach of his hand.
  • There was a rusty and empty old revolver lying on the table, among the "properties" employed in the performances.
  • Haslam promptly accepted the proposal, and within ten minutes was off, armed with a revolver and carbine, on his new journey.
  • Lawrence returned the fire, and the ball struck Jerry's revolver and sent it spinning.
  • The Khan drew a revolver and shot him through the back, killing him at once, and threatened to beat the owner.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Revolver | Revolver Sentence

  • Her revolver was pointed at his breast.
  • Steve whipped out his revolver and shot its head off.
  • Whose else revolver did you expect to find?
  • The revolver clattered harmlessly on to the carpet.
  • Mark snatched a revolver from his bosom and fired.
  • Even his revolver was gone, and his belt and cartridges.
  • His revolver hung on his right hip in plain sight.
  • Jones took his position, a huge navy revolver in his hand.
  • But in his mind was recollection of the other revolver under the pillow.
  • Belted about the middle of each was a revolver and tobacco pouch.
  • Frank's revolver spoke again.
  • The lad's revolver flashed.
  • Frank brought his revolver crashing down on the head of another.
  • The watcher tapped the side of the cliff with his revolver butt.
  • Spencer's revolver went off half raised.
  • Beside the watch he had laid his huge revolver in its worn leather scabbard.
  • The muzzle of the revolver sank, was raised, but once more was lowered.
  • Sir Henry snatched it from him and picked up the revolver from the carpet.
  • From amidships, revolver in hand, the mate was springing toward him.
  • Jack whipped out his revolver and fired, but the German did not stop.
  • With his customary revolver loaded and ready, Cody then started.
  • Harry's revolver cracked and the fellow rolled from his horse.

Definition of Revolver

A handgun with a revolving chamber enabling several shots to be fired without reloading. | (by extension) Any (personal) firearm with such a mechanism. | (finance) Synonym of revolving line of credit
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