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  • His persistence was rewarded at last.
  • A single marten rewarded him.
  • Their patience was rewarded at last.
  • His feat was rewarded by enthusiastic applause.
  • And their efforts were rewarded without stint.
  • No enthusiastic eulogy could have rewarded me more highly.
  • Labour, then, is rewarded only once.
  • But I must be rewarded better yet.
  • She was rewarded by finding herself a widow with a large fortune.
  • But it was rewarded with a shock which left him startled beyond retort.
  • One day he was rewarded by the Chaplain handing him two letters.
  • Porter felt well rewarded for his efforts and tossed the dollar to the Indian.
  • For this service he was rewarded by being created Earl of Orrery.
  • Collie's vigilance was rewarded unexpectedly and rather disagreeably.

How To Use Rewarded In A Sentence?

  • It was long after midnight when his vigil was rewarded by a slight sound at the door.
  • Half an hour afterward his weary eyes were rewarded by a glimpse of two lights.
  • His search was rewarded with the discovery of a single halfpenny in an odd waistcoat pocket.
  • She cured him in a moment, and was rewarded with great honours and rich presents.
  • The earl thanked him, and rewarded the song well, and bade him abide there that winter.
  • Now, this was not a trembling old peasant, as she appeared, but a fairy who rewarded good deeds.
  • The dead are countless; whereas those who survived to be rewarded may be numbered with three figures.
  • He chopped and chopped at the big tree until he was rewarded by bright, yellow chips flying through the air.
  • He began to investigate the diseased tissue of animals, and was rewarded with the discovery of the germs from which the disease had come.
  • After climbing the spiral stairway leading to the top of it, one is well rewarded by the extensive view.
  • This mental galvanism was rewarded by improved pay, enabling them to live comfortably till the end of 1838.
  • Their efforts, though perchance not as wisely directed as they might have been, were so vigorously conducted that success rewarded them.
  • The old knight smiled gravely, thanked the bearer of the message, and rewarded him with lavish hand.
  • He was rewarded by being made a baronet, and by being voted a pension, by parliament, of five thousand a year.
  • The lesson was greatly required; but instead of being rewarded for his conduct, the mule-driver got a dozen lashes!
  • Encouraged, the girls renewed their efforts, and keeping it up, were finally rewarded by the sounds of footsteps coming toward them.
  • In order to encourage them to be punctual, the first duck is rewarded with something nice, but the last one is whipped for its laziness.
  • Slowly Halvorsen turned the leaves backward, until at last he was rewarded by a glimpse of a different handwriting.
  • So they continued the search, and in a little more than a year Olbers himself was rewarded with the discovery of the second of the planetoid group.
  • We asked nothing in return, but we were rewarded by having forced upon us foreign ideas of government, religion, and behavior.
  • Cocking the said ear attentively, he was rewarded with another smite, and, in a few minutes, distinctly heard the sound of paddles.
  • And wisdom was rewarded now, for the Pathan, who would have dried up under eager questioning, grew talkative.
  • Anne fluttered away, rewarded by the Judge's beaming face, but with fear tugging at her heart.
  • Our search was rewarded by the discovery of the second eye-piece of the spectacles, of which the glass was badly cracked but less shattered than the other.
  • Wherever the triumphs are those rewarded by station, or the distinctions conferred on intellectual superiority, this vainglorious sentiment is unknown.
  • At the top of every rise we are rewarded with glorious views of the Downs crowned by Chanctonbury Ring.

Definition of Rewarded

simple past tense and past participle of reward

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