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  • The older method was to rewrite history.
  • The curves of your lips rewrite history.
  • But when will you rewrite this Apocalypse?
  • She could not make Jimmie rewrite his play.
  • Take them, rewrite them, play them, or burn them, as you will.
  • Of course I had to rewrite it; it was very crude and too horrible.
  • If not, I'll rewrite it all for the volume.
  • This would suggest some alteration, and I would carefully rewrite it.
  • But in the process, it has to rewrite the DMCA substantially.
  • I am going to rewrite it and send it on to you, for I can't be idle.

How To Use Rewrite In A Sentence?

  • She was wanting to correct the proofs of the book and rewrite the prefatory memoir.
  • May we not learn some day to rewrite our histories, when they touch upon these things too?
  • At other times the words did not suit or fit, and he would rewrite a few pages scores of times.
  • I even then felt a hope that at some future time I might yet rewrite the entire book.
  • Anyhow, I have had to rewrite ten essays: they greatly improved under the process.
  • But, papa, must I learn the lessons over and rewrite the composition this afternoon?
  • It was a dull business, but, despondent as I was, I found the heart to rewrite those chapters.
  • While she could give the facts to a rewrite man it would take him some time to get the article into shape.
  • It appeared to be a hopeless and unprofitable task to rewrite these vocabularies, and to represent the true pronunciation in English.
  • Then next night, at his desk over the stable at Mossgiel, he would rewrite them and improve their form.
  • Now he turned to Hamilton, giving him the topics as far as they had been outlined, and bidding him to rewrite it if he thought it desirable.
  • They then proceeded to rewrite the history in order that the true character of the kings and their relation to Jehovah might be made intelligible to the people.
  • The ballet had such a remarkable success, and Flotow was so delighted with the plot, that he entreated St. Georges to rewrite it for an opera.

Definition of Rewrite

To write again, differently (to modify). | To write again (without changing). | The act of writing again or anew.
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