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  • He rewrote the words.
  • Stevenson rewrote many times to get this easy clearness.
  • I rewrote it and gave it to him, with the money to pay for it.
  • Besides her usual social activities, she rewrote and finished her new story.
  • Long, high-worded, stilted letters the poor boy wrote and rewrote and copied.

How To Use Rewrote In A Sentence?

  • In it he says: I entirely rewrote the play three separate and distinct times.
  • He once wrote the words under the notes too large, but discovering his mistake, he erased and rewrote them.
  • He studied his round business-college script, and rewrote the sentence in a small finicky hand, that of a studious old man.
  • And I shut up instantly, and apologized, and rewrote the message, and gave the boy a shilling for himself.
  • It is said that Bryant rewrote "Thanatopsis" a hundred times, and even then was not satisfied with it.
  • And he sat down at once and rewrote the score entirely from memory, and when the copy was afterwards compared with the parts it was found that he had not made a single variation.
  • I have read that I rewrote it eight times, but it was written once only, nearly every chapter, I think, at a sitting.

Definition of Rewrote

simple past tense of rewrite
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