Rex In A Sentence

Definition of Rex

An animal which has a genetic recessive variation that causes the guard hairs to be very short or fully lacking.

How To Use Rex In A Sentence?

  • It was hidden by deep snow and they did not understand the danger that Rex knew so well.
  • Nec mora, rex illam emancipauit, et insuper Dei famulo suum indumentum donauit.
  • Tertius Melachsala, a quo sanctus Ludouicus rex Franciae captiuabatur in bello.
  • Logicæ cum tæduit Et doctrinæ morum, Ad naturam rediit Rex philosophorum.
  • They had lost all hope, their guide had fallen down a crevasse and they were exhausted when Rex found them.
  • Tunc rex ... ne tumultus hac altercatione subitus nasceretur, Galwensium cessit voluntati.
  • Accedit tandem vna noctium, vt rex Heremitam et seipsum inebriaret, et inter loquendum ambo consopiti dormirent.
  • I don't know how much like your Rex Strang he was, but I fancy a sort of resemblance.
  • Et nullus sufficeret ad hoc, nisi dominus papa, vel imperator, aut aliquis rex magnificus, sicut est dominus rex Franciae.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rex | Rex Sentence

  • Ora pro nobis deuote rex Henrice.
  • Et suus pater, avus meus, ejusdem regni rex fuit.
  • With a foreword by Rex Beach.
  • Hinc hominem Rex est fassus, et inde Deum.
  • I fancy Rex Strang's arms won't remain long empty.
  • Barrier, The. Rex Beach.
  • Ita constituit optimus Ina Rex Anglorum....
  • Auction Block, The. Rex Beach.
  • Huius rex est valde potens, et imperans septem insularum vicinarum regibus.
  • SEE Beach, Rex E. Tin crown.
  • Deus Rex noster ante secula operatus est salutem in medio terrae.
  • The head of something like a Tyrannosaurus Rex peered over the wall at them.
  • I forgot to say that King Rex also parades the day after his arrival.
  • Pudicus enim & purus fuerat rex iste H. ab ineunte aetate sua.
  • BEACH, REX E. Masked women.
  • BEACH, REX E. Summer madness.
  • LUDOVICUS, rex Francorum, 168, 173.
  • Ego et rex meus," the Cardinal had written to a correspondent.
  • Martinus--Dominus Rex mandavit mihi Johanni de Tudela.

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