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  • They grow in the Rhododendron beds at home.
  • A dense rhododendron thicket surrounds it, and tall hemlocks grow above it.
  • If necessary, put hemlock boughs or rhododendron branches around it.
  • They remind one of a wet, chill rhododendron forest of Tibet.

How To Use Rhododendron In A Sentence?

  • The genus rhododendron in American woods is represented by a mountain shrub and a tree.
  • While you slept I carried a right many things to the rhododendron slick back of the house!
  • At that moment the desert island was bobbing against the thick rhododendron bushes at the edge of the lawn.
  • He drew his little axe and began clearing a space for the tent, cutting the rhododendron stems a little below the surface of the ground.
  • The ground was undulating, and vast thickets of rhododendron and azalea rose high above them, or sank in green valleys below their path.
  • They looked down into a warm sandy hollow, overgrown and sheltered by a large rhododendron with knotted branches and dry, shiny leaves.
  • Here and there a boulder blocked the way; the undergrowth became dense; great clumps of fern and rhododendron sent out their heavy, rank odors.
  • Yet it was mighty cheering and comforting as the darkness wrapped the forest, and the gloom beneath the rhododendron thicket became inky and impenetrable.
  • Robinette got such a fright that he rose suddenly from the ground, and he seemed to go on rising, rising, until he was far away from his home in the rhododendron bush.
  • The flat of its broad blade divided the lofty black walls of a deep and savage ravine, on whose jagged shelves some starved clumps of rhododendron shook in the wind of the torrent.

Definition of Rhododendron

(obsolete) Oleander (Nerium oleander). | Any of various flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron.
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