Rhyme In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rhyme | Rhyme Sentence

  • A word should not rhyme with itself.
  • Was there any rhyme or reason in that?
  • I cannot in rhyme my feelings portray.
  • The odd rhyme amused him.
  • Beauty without rhyme or reason.
  • Ken ye the rhyme to porringer?
  • A treatise in rhyme on the virtues of herbs.
  • Did you ever hear the rhyme about moonlighting?
  • They just bulged in without rhyme or rule.
  • She is hunting the rhyme for winding-sheet.
  • Is rhyme a necessary part of poetry?
  • And she was lost without rhyme or reason.
  • The frog in the rhyme is not nearly so lucky.
  • Work out the rhyme scheme in the first and second stanzas.
  • In my judgment, rhyme is a hindrance to expression.
  • If you make a rhyme involuntarily, you will have a present.
  • If people must talk, why do they want to rhyme it out?
  • Nursery rhyme book. Norton.
  • The two appear together in rhyme in Barbour.
  • My Rhyme is written, my work is done.
  • Sing a Mother Goose rhyme through your nose.
  • Again, the 'ey' of Peyps would rhyme with they and obey.
  • For me, an aim I never fash; I rhyme for fun.
  • Signing Birds of Rhyme and Parrots of Poetry.
  • There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.
  • His defence and desertion of dramatick rhyme is generally known.
  • Does this rhyme scheme help to produce the effect of the poem?
  • The rhythm and the rhyme have helped to fix it and hold it in the memory.
  • As some sweet thought 'twixt rhyme and rhyme.
  • Those three graceless girls read the sentimental rhyme and giggled over it.
  • Instead of such recurrent rhyme he employs changing rhyme and free strophes.
  • We think a pillar-box prosaic, because there is no rhyme to it.
  • Rhymes are called masculine, if the rhyme words end in a consonant.
  • Rhymes are called feminine, if the rhyme words end in a vowel.
  • While rhyme is a hindrance, rhythm seems to be the comrade of the poetic.
  • There only remains, then, rhyme and the division into stanzas.

How To Use Rhyme In A Sentence?

  • Consonantal rhyme should not be introduced in compositions written in assonance.
  • The exigencies of rhyme are responsible for the miscalling of these month-names.
  • Raymond was arrested by a little rhyme round which a black border had been pasted.
  • The antiquity of a rhyme is not unfrequently determined by the use of an obsolete expression.

Definition of Rhyme

(transitive, intransitive) To compose or treat in verse; versify. | (intransitive, followed by with) Of a word, to be pronounced identically with another from the vowel in its stressed syllable to the end. | (reciprocal) Of two or more words, to be pronounced identically from the vowel in the stressed syllable of each to the end of each.
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