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  • He is distributing the various ribbons among the dancers.
  • White roads ran like ribbons across the landscape.
  • The cataracts looked like wind-blown ribbons of silver.
  • Whoever can afford it decorates his hat with ribbons or flowers.
  • There are fancy papers and ribbons galore in that aforesaid scrap-box.
  • I have plenty of black sash ribbons for her to wear with her white frocks.
  • Flora thrust her head, straw hat and ribbons out of the window.
  • But he said if he did, he should wear red ribbons on it, or baby blue.
  • We've got the same coloured ribbons and you haven't said a word to me yet!
  • Instead, upon his new brow-band Resetted Blue Ribbons bedeck.

How To Use Ribbons In A Sentence?

  • Sheila disregarded the lace and ribbons with a sigh of relief and took to making rompers.
  • Maidens in crisp lawn dresses and flying ribbons fluttered about in a tremor of anticipation.
  • These ribbons matched the rosettes presented in an equally haphazard way to every man.
  • Of his skill with the ribbons he was always proud, and no man could have known more about horses.
  • The lovely garments were wrapped in rosy tissue paper, and tied with ribbons to match.
  • The ribbons and wreaths danced in the breeze, but the white linen was bare of a single loaf.
  • She sat up tall and high on a seat, holding a whole lot of ribbons and whips and things.
  • The four roads point four yellow ways, saffron and gamboge ribbons to the gaze.
  • Hattie had plaits; small affairs, perhaps, but tied with ribbons behind each ear.
  • The children in their holiday attire and Band of Hope ribbons run in and out everywhere.
  • Sometimes narrow ribbons or fine strips of cut silk are stitched over the edges to keep them down flat.
  • I had never seen her before but with her little black silk apron and a white cap with ribbons on her head.
  • He liked to think that they had roses for their little noses, ribbons and laces for their pretty faces.
  • And at the sight and touch of the tawdry laces and flaring ribbons he was surprised by an emotion of tenderness and pity for his dead wife.
  • Admitted, there appeared a very decent man and woman dressed in their best, and with ribbons and flowers.
  • With orange ribbons on his horses, with his coat covered with the same faithful colour, the old man drove through the waves.
  • From the parrot streamers of colored baby ribbon led to the different places, and tied to the ends of the ribbons were tiny notes in envelopes.
  • The moths have been at it a little since then; at that time there were more ribbons in it, and I was younger myself.
  • She made a picture to fill the eye, in her white frock, with the deep purple ribbons at her waist and in her dusky hair.
  • As she tied the ribbons on those braids, now crossed in a "coronet" over her head, she gave the ghost of a sigh.
  • She was sorting ribbons with a somewhat melancholy face when Brian passed through the glass door and made his way to the counter.
  • The Earl himself drove the four iron grays, adorned with blue ribbons on the nets which protected them from the flies.
  • And all the while he stood glowering at the counter spread with gay ribbons and artificial flowers, and Katie was ready to cry.
  • A cap and ribbons were concocted by Dolly; the ribbons were for ever fluttering in and out of the sitting-room, and up and down the passages.
  • Your dress is already pressed, and ribbons and lace sewed on, but as you have not worn it, I want to be sure about the hang of that skirt.
  • The sun was sinking, hazily but swiftly; ribbons of scarlet, ribbons of rose, ribbons of violet, lay one upon the other.
  • Wicker basket of June garden pinks (white and pink) with shower of tiny bells hung on pink ribbons above them from the chandelier or ceiling.
  • Again the passing of the yellow ribbons to the girls and the presenting of the yellow-tied package to the guest of honor were the signals for leaving to go to the next house.
  • When it came to making the iron ribbons for the sleigh runners he had to go across to the smithy; and there stood a cottar at work roughing horseshoes.
  • It was the picture of a man in the uniform of a captain of the Air Force, a row of battle ribbons on his straight, khaki-clad chest.

Definition of Ribbons

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of ribbon | plural of ribbon
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