Ricky In A Sentence

How To Use Ricky In A Sentence?

  • This left Ricky Stevens entirely out in the cold, but he was so accustomed to it that he did not even notice that it had happened again.
  • Ricky was particularly trying this morning; I'm aghast at the amount of last month's bills, and all in all it makes me realize the importance of not letting one's age become an indiscretion.
  • Some one has to stand up for Ricky; Heaven knows he can't stand up for himself."
  • He isn't a heavy-weight, but when it comes to dancing or the latest word in men's attire, you can't overlook Ricky."
  • "I've no doubt Ricky will be exceedingly grateful, but if you were to ask me I'd say that you have men enough on your hands already without him.
  • Whin th' picnic got as far as Punch, on th' southern coast iv Porther Ricky, Gin'ral Miles gazes out, an' says he, 'This looks like a good place to hang th' hammicks, an' have lunch,' says he. '
  • "I didn't ask you, Ricky," Edith said significantly, and Stevens, with precedent to guide him, refrained from further discussion of the topic.
  • "I dinnaw about that," said Mr. Dooley; "but I know this, that there's th' makin' iv gr-reat statesmen in Porther Ricky.
  • He has been in gr-reat purl fr'm a witherin' fire iv bokays, an' he has met an' overpowered some iv th' mos' savage orators in Porther Ricky; but, whin I las' heerd iv him, he had pitched his tents an' ice-cream freezers near the inimy's wall, an' was grajully silencin' thim with proclamations."
  • "Let's go on deck," Ricky Stevens said with a sudden show of interest; "it's so awfully stuffy down here!"
  • "Dear, oh, dear," said Mr. Dooley, "I'd give five dollars--an' I'd kill a man f'r three--if I was out iv this Sixth Wa-ard to-night, an' down with Gin'ral Miles' gran' picnic an' moonlight excursion in Porther Ricky. '

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ricky | Ricky Sentence

  • Will I take Porther Ricky or put it by?
  • Ricky is a joke.
  • No, he's just a messenger this morning; but Ricky is all right in his way.
  • Come, Ricky,"--speaking to her brother--"let us walk back to the hotel.
  • Ricky will have exhausted his vocabulary by this time."
  • Would you change individualities with Ricky?"
  • How can you call it that when there is no one to elope from but Ricky!"
  • iv waltzin' with th' pretty girls iv Porther Ricky.
  • "Of course Ricky and I go when you do," Edith added.
  • Ricky Vincent, Funk:
  • "Ricky!" said his sister severely, "no one asked your opinion.
  • "Ricky interested in business?"
  • "Too much wine last night, Ricky?"
  • "Poor Ricky!"
  • "Morning, Ricky," she greeted him cheerfully. "

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