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  • To me this seemeth but a poor device for ridding one of that which doth torment him.
  • Neither would it serve the cause of justice by ridding the country of inglorious ravagers.
  • The protection of women was one thing; ridding the community of an outlaw was another.
  • And from this discussion all the trouble in ridding himself of Madame Shuster has resulted.
  • I was saying, however, that I had hit upon a scheme for ridding you of your difficulties.
  • Congratulations to you, also, Senor Standish, on ridding my country of such a dangerous pest.
  • But I was sane enough to shoot Gifford out the first chance I had of ridding the paper of him.
  • With his usual dainty care he was ridding himself of the dust and dirt that had soiled him when he fell.
  • Experiments of the utmost importance to all airships are in progress with a view to ridding the gas of this air cheaply and quickly.
  • He was taking an active part in ridding his country of the invaders and like anyone in those circumstances he reveled in the task.
  • Theoretically, the radical cure of syphilis should mean ridding the body of every single germ of the disease.
  • Gasoline and coaloil are both excellent adjuncts, with cleanliness, in ridding a bed or house of these pests.
  • Quenu came for a moment on to the footway, yawning slightly, and ridding himself of all sleepiness in the fresh morning air.
  • And if your cellar or house has a dirt floor, a heavy sprinkling of very caustic lime water all over it will do good in ridding it of vermin.
  • With her crude ideas, and intense devotion to us all, she might have settled on this method of ridding the house of its torment.
  • As ordinarily washed, the process falls far short of ridding the utensils of the bacterial life that is adherent to the inner surface of the pail.
  • Arwed, leaving the room, rejoiced to have an opportunity of forever ridding himself of the hated Frenchman.
  • But there came a time when I would have given ten years of my life for the same opportunity of ridding the world of this accursed villain.
  • That was one way of ridding Kansas of her Indians and a way not very creditable to a professed and powerful guardian.
  • I am not cruel, but I confess I did rejoice at the opportunity of ridding the earth of these wretches.
  • The vegetation which they will eat readily is quite varied and in many cases geese will be found to be very valuable in ridding pastures or fields of troublesome weeds.
  • A portion of the agricultural population seemed superfluous in consequence of inclosures, and colonization was promoted as a means of ridding the country of the excess of its population.
  • As soon as he got in; this same man took a needle from the inside of his great straw hat and commenced ridding his pants of somewhat outrageous perforations.
  • Bill nodded and after ridding the biscuit of as many worms as he could find, gulped down half of the tepid water in his crock and dunked his breakfast in the remainder.
  • Blunt strenuously objected, not because he was averse to ridding Kansas of the Indians, but because he had no faith in an Indian soldiery.
  • Protecting himself from invasion from the smaller cattlemen and homesteaders was in the nature of a recreation to Canby, who had various methods of ridding himself of their presence.
  • After ridding themselves of Nicuesa, the Antiguans resolved upon sending Enciso after him, and under form of the law succeeded in doing so.
  • He saw that his success now in ridding the district of the whisky-runner would, at the same time, rob him of all possible chance of ever obtaining the regard of this woman he loved.
  • It would, therefore, give a popular effect to the whole enterprise, were it to be believed that it was undertaken principally for the sake of ridding the country from so hateful an interloper.
  • Their daily toil, no longer claimed by the produce of the earth, which has ceased to exist, is now devoted to the object of ridding themselves of the deadly legacy which they have received in its stead.
  • His determination was loudly applauded by the assembled villagers, each of whom congratulated himself upon an escape from the dangerous, if noble, task of ridding the place of an intolerable nuisance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ridding | Ridding Sentence

  • I thank you, Monsieur, for ridding me of his presence.
  • She was unconsciously ridding herself of all that hampered and made her unfit.
  • They did a great service to mankind in ridding us from this yoke of fear.
  • Excretory: those structures concerned in ridding the body of waste products.

Definition of Ridding

present participle of rid
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