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  • Then that ridiculous fainting away!
  • It was no longer playing up a ridiculous law.
  • In matters so ridiculous it is hard to be grave.
  • Today this ridiculous distinction no longer exists.
  • He was almost ashamed of this ridiculous vigil in a boat.
  • Parker was afraid to appear ridiculous and delayed giving the warning.
  • His face was ghastly, and wet with ridiculous insensate tears.
  • They even indulge in loose amours, and are brought into ridiculous situations.
  • A ridiculous fancy, and yet who knows, it might turn out to be true.
  • It was ridiculous to suppose that John, at his age, had fallen in love.

How To Use Ridiculous In A Sentence?

  • It is therefore ridiculous for us to appear before it in the humble attitude of beggars.
  • Most unexpectedly she betrayed a ridiculous consternation, but only for a moment.
  • This is a ridiculous attempt, which defies description, except that it is all about lunules.
  • There is no freak so ridiculous but some Englishman has attempted to immortalize by money and law.
  • That I should put on such ridiculous trumpery was out of the question; yet what was to be done?
  • When I heard this I was nearly in despair, however ridiculous this may seem now.
  • Don't, for God's sake, gentlemen, I implore you, put your names to such a ridiculous paper.
  • That would have been a ridiculous thing to do, for it would have forced his own betrayal to the mullah.
  • In her world of reserves and implications no man would have dared to make himself ridiculous by a visit like this.
  • That our families and our institutions are in peril from this monstrous and ridiculous evil it would not be easy for us to believe.
  • I looked at her in mingled surprise and amusement; she was so doll-like and ridiculous in her painted juvenility.
  • How such a ridiculous tale ever found believers, it is impossible to conceive; but such was the case.
  • Naturally this mode of procedure does not give the drier a fair chance, and it would be ridiculous to judge vacuum drying on the results.
  • All this, and much more that every reader can supply from his own exciting souvenirs, is absurd and ridiculous on the part of the brain.
  • From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step: which is the sublime, and which the ridiculous, every one must settle for himself.
  • It is ridiculous to say we are not men, and that, as men, we shall never wish to aggrandize ourselves in some way or other.
  • Our proceedings, which are supposed to be inspired by a profound knowledge of psychology, are very ridiculous ones, and very often useless.
  • Mr. Cockayne said that he was not laughing at his wife, but at some much more ridiculous signs which had come under his notice.
  • Although Spaniards, they dared to revolt publicly against that ridiculous custom; others approved it.
  • Then, goodness only knows why, in his dismay or rage he was moved to speak in French with a most ridiculous accent.
  • In a few years I should easily pass for your mother, and you would cut a ridiculous figure in attending me through the streets.
  • The sun-helmeted gentleman and lady, or collection of their kind, rush them by in haughty contempt, and with some ridicule and ridiculous comment.
  • It is ridiculous to say that gypsies are not "educated" to nature and art, when, in fact, they live it.
  • Their culture generally enables the travelled English to avoid any ridiculous extremes of this self-pleasing, and to give it an agreeable air.
  • Half the tumultuous efforts of the earlier movements would have been rendered ridiculous had it been possible to have them contemporaneously examined by a few special correspondents.
  • The question is how to prevent this ridiculous wastage of students; how to prevent the production of this disappointed man who is a student only in name.
  • But nothing throws a more ridiculous air over our whole conversation than certain peculiarities easily acquired, but very difficultly conquered and discarded.
  • Let us remember the tragedy of Azzolati the ruthless, the ridiculous financier with a criminal soul (or shall we say heart) and facile tears.
  • The European, learning to speak Chinese, falls into the most ridiculous blunders before he has mastered these absurd refinements of accentuation.
  • That he should seek to make this examination more impressive by appointing this ridiculous midnight interview for it, was only what might have been expected from an old man of his confirmed eccentricity.

Definition of Ridiculous

Deserving of ridicule; foolish; absurd.
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