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  • Smuggling was rife here.
  • A spirit of unrest is rife there.
  • Indignation was rife the day that order was published.
  • It was a fancy rife with poetic melancholy.
  • Paris, of course, is rife with politics.
  • Sedition is rife all over Egypt.
  • The region was a fair hunting ground, rife of buffalo.
  • All the shade Is rife with magic and movement.
  • There are many sub-Flauberts rife in London.
  • Rumors were rife in the south as to the object of the visit.
  • Monitoring is rife with all manner of tempting evil mischief.
  • The detestable crime of abortion is appallingly rife in our day.
  • The capital was rife with various rumors that augured ill for the future.
  • The speculations which once would have been rife enough, were now silent.
  • Bombay had not taken the distemper, rife in such a large area of India.
  • Talk was rife over the commanding general's pomp and circumstance.

How To Use Rife In A Sentence?

  • Gossip had been rife in the fishing village over the sudden disappearance of the two men.
  • Mediaeval legend is equally rife with accounts of wonderful creatures of the sea.
  • The people within it are immensely disheartened, and dissensions are rife among them.
  • Treachery was {186} rife among the different sections of the wide-spreading organization.
  • At best it was all uncertain, rife with shadows, peopled with ghosts of doubt and haunting dreads.
  • Odd rumors with which the theater world has ever been rife began to reach Adrienne.
  • Superstition is rife in ascribing these earth-shakings chiefly to the remissness of the priesthood.
  • He was then in his sixty-eighth year, and had lived down most of the hostility which formerly had been so rife against him.
  • They could hardly have held together many days longer in the midst of the jealousies rife in their camps.
  • Misery was rife among those who remained, and they strove to alleviate it by a diligent attention to signs and omens.
  • The affair profoundly moved the young community, having regard to the unrest which had been rife in the land.
  • Too quickly they perceived the imperfections of their government, the corruption rife among the officials of every class.
  • But the old migratory instinct of his puritan ancestry was rife within him, and he hungered to go abroad into the land.
  • Conjecture was rife as to the purpose of the Confederates in supplying us with spittoons and nothing else.
  • He alluded to the discontent rife among his subjects at this state of things, and to the urgent need to set them right.
  • There was, indeed, a wild proposition rife at one time to fire the house and burn it to the ground.
  • It was true that silverware was not rife in that island, but there was an infinitude of potential voters, who could be converted into coin.
  • Idleness, intemperance, and riot were rife among the students, as we learn from the novels and memoirs of the day.
  • A donation party for our minister was to be given the last day of April, and the air was rife with conjectures.
  • Scandinavian mythology, like that of all bold maritime peoples in old times, is rife with legends of certain great monsters of the sea.
  • His place was assured, true enough, but there was another matter, even more vital, which was rife with uncertainty.
  • We had no muskets, though swords were rife enough in Dalness, so a stand and a defence by weapons was out of the question.
  • The next instant they were at close quarters, swinging madly, rife with the one desire to down the other, to maim, to kill.
  • Corruption is rife everywhere, the public are gulled by the Press, and the religion of to-day is, alas!

Definition of Rife

Widespread, common, prevalent, current (mainly of unpleasant or harmful things). | Abounding; present in large numbers, plentiful. | Full of (mostly unpleasant or harmful things).
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