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  • Through its rifts we saw the tops of the buildings.
  • The sky brightened through transient rifts in the clouds.
  • With Rifts within the Lute.
  • In fact stars were visible here and there through rifts in the black clouds.
  • The rifts in the driving clouds were growing larger, and the edges were torn.
  • Jerry Swaim must not be troubled with lute rifts and cloud specks.
  • He saw rifts in clouds--sunshine.

How To Use Rifts In A Sentence?

  • From rifts and hollows still filled with water little wreaths of steam drifted.
  • Beyond it a wall of rock arose, with dark firs clinging in the rifts and crannies.
  • The night was very dark, though the stars still shone through rifts in the ever moving clouds.
  • Through great rifts in the clouds, every few minutes, the moon poured great floods of light.
  • In connection with the deep rifts which encompass the Althing, a romantic story is told.
  • The mockingbirds sang around him again and through the rifts in the leaves he saw the sailing hawks seeking their prey.
  • Life is often dark, but then there are rifts in the clouds when we behold the glorious deep blue of the sky.
  • But the edges of these rifts are frequently curved, showing them to be something else than real shadows.
  • The broad arch indicates clouds with rifts in them, out of which the evil came and into which it may return.
  • Blue were the rifts between the clouds in the autumn, but bluer and brighter my mother's eyes.
  • There can be no moments of happiness, no rifts of sunshine, and but few gleams of hope woven into the picture.
  • Often the animals had to jump up or down ledges nearly as high as their chests, and through rifts so narrow as only just to admit the riders.
  • Only the highest ridges were whitened with snow, while rifts in the clouds showed beautiful bits of yellow-green sky.
  • As the time passed on towards spring the days became longer, and more rifts and channels were formed round the ship.
  • At the first crossing all lay glorified in a golden veil, with indigo shadows in the rifts and white lights on the heights.
  • A delicate instrument, full of rifts and breakages, with that single key readily answerable to the slightest touch of my will.
  • While here and there through rifts of green the sky Casts its blue glance like an all-seeing eye.
  • They are wide rifts which separate streams of nebulous matter, and are indicative that some formative processes may be going on within the nebula.
  • Like starry twinkles that momently break Through the rifts of the gathering tempest's rack.
  • A pale violet light fell on their distant precipices, and the snow in the rifts upon their sides appeared of the purest and loveliest white.
  • I see dark storm clouds sweeping swift across the sky, with rifts of blue between, through which pours now and then a glint of sunshine.
  • Presently there were rifts in the white, and as we looked we could discern, far, far below our position, another land.
  • There is as much comedy and as much tragedy in poultry life as anywhere, and already I see rifts within lutes.
  • Clear black of peaks, crimson of canyons, purple of rifts in the ranges, bright moss green of cactus dots on the yellow desert floor.
  • Through the gulch-like passage swept a cold draft of air; it made little rifts in the fog; showed an entrance, a dim light.
  • One could see the grand Alpine masses dimly outlined against the black firmament, and one or two faint stars blinking through rifts in the night.
  • The weather was dark and gloomy, while through the rifts of the mist and fog that lay heavy on the face of the waters there appeared only a forbidding and scarcely habitable coast.
  • Seeing the beautiful face of the lad gleaming like that of an angel between the rifts of the smoke of hell, there was not one of us who for the instant doubted that the apparition was miraculous.
  • These in the after-glow blush crimson, and through their rifts the depth of heaven is of a hard and gem-like blue, and all the water turns to rose beneath them.
  • It was within an hour of dawn, at that time when the sky begins to glimmer with rifts above the two horizons, showing light enough at least to distinguish faces.
  • The stars looked calmly down from between the rifts of hanging clouds which crowded one another onward as though bound to some important rendezvous, where they were to perform their part in a pending storm.
  • Some of the valleys are of considerable width, many only afford room for narrow tracks above the streams by which they are usually watered, while others are mere rifts for torrents and are inaccessible.

Definition of Rifts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of rift | plural of rift
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