Right Arm In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Right Arm | Right Arm Sentence

  • You will be my strong right arm.
  • My right arm was free.
  • The right arm was missing.
  • His right arm tensed.
  • He was on the outside and his right arm was free.
  • He held his right arm on high.
  • I was wounded in the side and in the right arm.
  • She slowly lifted up her right arm.
  • When hit my right arm fell.
  • But his right arm was badly injured.
  • His right arm encircled a harp.
  • Adiva was gently stroking her right arm.
  • His right arm ached to the tips of his fingers.
  • The latter was nursing a slung right arm.
  • His right arm was closely bound to his breast.
  • By their right arm the conquest must be wrought.
  • The right arm is used more than the left in most persons.
  • Stand with the right arm hanging limp by the side.
  • He could hardly use his right arm.
  • My policeman held me firmly by the right arm.
  • Under her right arm the woolly lamb slumbered.
  • His right arm had been broken near the shoulder.
  • A strong right arm was flung over and around her.
  • Her right arm was swollen and painful to lift.
  • All rise and extend right arm toward the flag.
  • This leaves his right arm free to manage his horses.
  • All de flesh of my right arm was off to de bone.
  • My right arm was numb and my left thigh was aching.
  • Her right arm was bent upward and doubled under her head.
  • Then he was hit, a bullet in the upper right arm.
  • For nose-bleed, hold up the right arm.
  • His right arm being broken, he could not raise it.
  • If my right arm will not serve me, the left shall.
  • She was the right arm, and the eyes of the old blind man.
  • He is to lose his right arm, Truxton.

How To Use Right Arm In A Sentence?

  • The movement of his right arm passed unnoticed by Racey.
  • Joan Verdugo, who has lost his right arm in my service.
  • Jacob Welse pointed to his right arm, which hung dead.
  • Right arm broke.
  • Then with a sweep of his right arm he slashed the man with his cane.
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