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  • Women have won their rights to higher education and are admitted to the universities.
  • Let us suppose that we press for a few rights to which the shippers have a theoretical claim.
  • The individual must give up something of his rights to the state and the community.
  • It was perfectly natural for the advocate of state rights to take this view of the matter.
  • I was not to be put down, and asked to see some one that had rights to say yes or no.
  • The rights to such a property were, and are, in many cases extremely profitable.
  • It allows me to use existing conventional property rights to make fair use illegal.
  • This business of hand-to-hand assault belonged by rights to another branch of the service.
  • But, when both parties assert claims, both have equal rights to enter it, when negotiation fails.
  • If we generalize this, it means that All-of-us ought to guarantee rights to each of us.
  • Quay wondered, if this gadget worked, how long Bolen would own the rights to it.
  • They said I would rather do for him than for them, and he ought, by rights, to be on the town.
  • Who suffer'd for their country's fame, Her soil to save, her rights to guard.
  • It had to do with the stone mason and his rights to his grandfather's inheritance.
  • There seems to be no reason why the employer should deny like rights to those who are employed by him.
  • He'd also made it his business to police corporate property rights to the intangible.
  • Some detached instinct made her aware that she was gazing at a book which belonged by rights to some other part of the house.
  • No man would be more steady in preventing them from abusing those rights to the destruction of that happy order under which they enjoy them.
  • It was hard enough for women to assert their rights to a higher education; to enter a profession was almost impossible.
  • The unions conceived their rights to speak and assemble freely too well established to necessitate court sanction at this late date.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rights To | Rights To Sentence

  • It belongs by rights to his girl now.
  • Every citizen has equal rights to them and in them.
  • Rights to print were granted for fourteen years.
  • This is the ideal of equal rights to all human values.
  • My rights to rule my life according to my own beliefs.
  • Is the doctrine of "State rights" to be commended?
  • The law ignores his rights to be alive at all, I believe.
  • My rights to seek the Universal Truth.
  • She turned over all rights to her tent and to the site to me.
  • These colonies were to be deprived of their rights to land in that region.
  • What we desire is the solemn restoration of all their rights to the fathers.
  • What special rights to bequeath property are given in some states?
  • It was a sort of tacit acknowledgment of her wifely rights to his trust.
  • They simply believed that these were the wrong property rights to use.
  • He who paid the piper then stood on his rights to call the tune.
  • Nor does he give the wife any corresponding rights to get rid of her husband.
  • You can't get around my rights to the job nohow.
  • Bellaver Corporation got exclusive mineral rights to the whole damned moon.
  • I ask the House, in dealing with my rights, to remember how they are acting.
  • In 1910 the sultan of Great Comoro ceded his sovereign rights to France.
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