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  • Teleology is rigorously excluded.
  • His was a life rigorously devoted to philosophy.
  • The style of the romance is rigorously close to things.
  • He bit his lip, and sought rigorously for decorum.
  • But West remained rigorously unresponsive.
  • And we have to suppress them far more rigorously as tempters and dissipaters.
  • It was a system of complete materialism rigorously carried out.
  • The censorship of the telegraph is also as rigorously enforced.
  • Criticism and dissent, political and religious, were rigorously repressed.
  • The Spanish attack was pressed as rigorously as at the beginning.
  • The Major adhered rigorously to every tenet of the old school.

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  • Everything suspicious in the description of which they were composed is rigorously disarmed.
  • The quarantine had shut her in more rigorously upon herself; there were now no distractions.
  • We shall here warn the sufferer that the diet prescribed must be rigorously observed.
  • The frothy element among officers and men had been rigorously weeded out or repressed.
  • A great outcry was immediately raised, but still the tax was rigorously levied.
  • Yet with all this, they abhorred, and chastised, and rigorously punished incest.
  • A code of morals is a number of restraining orders; it rigorously bids us walk in certain paths.
  • He puts the Shaw test rapidly and rigorously to everything that happens in heaven or earth.
  • These phrases were, it seems, rigorously required under the circumstances by Chinese politeness.
  • He could never take the rigorously impassive attitude which Flaubert taught Maupassant to assume.
  • Here still are two small Fractions, which I must insert; and then rigorously close.
  • It is diminished because higher than bodily necessities now consume time that was once rigorously denied to them.
  • If the woman be unmarried or a widow, she must be as rigorously held under some other guardianship.
  • The manufacture of these they had always rigorously reserved for their own people, on obvious grounds.
  • From his childhood, the purest source of sympathies and affections is closed for him rigorously and hopelessly.
  • Under such a system there appears inevitably a tendency rigorously to subordinate the welfare of individuals to that of the nation as a whole.
  • And all season let's rigorously hoe out every weed while it is still very tiny.
  • This authority is not that of a truth miraculously revealed, nor that of a truth rigorously and scientifically demonstrated.
  • Sporadic attempts at reform were rigorously suppressed in the cities, and government became more and more petrified into aristocracy.
  • Originally each member was required to accept in writing the constitution of the party, and this condition was rigorously enforced.
  • When it is determined the betrothal takes place, generally with a conventional penalty which is rigorously executed.
  • Yet it must at least be recognized that consciousness is rigorously subject to the condition of time, the unconscious is not.
  • A tithe of all that the land produced was theirs, and it was rigorously exacted, for the support of the temples and priests.
  • It is true that the converse is not so rigorously observed: nor ought it, from the explanations already given.
  • Your people complain with some bitterness, that you have ruled them rigorously for two-and- twenty years.
  • They apply it rigorously to one set of facts, and then utterly fail to see that it is equally applicable to another.
  • The virtues he defended so rigorously did not exist as a rule in calculable or practical form, since they did nothing objective.
  • He rigorously enforced monastic observances of the severest sort, and no doubt became a saint, in his own estimation.
  • Favourites of humble origin were useful to Peter in his innovations, which were rigorously carried out.

Definition of Rigorously

In a rigorous manner.
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