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  • There were serious riots after the trial.
  • How may riots be suppressed?
  • He never got into any riots or disturbances.
  • Both sides to the quarrel cooled down and the riots ended.
  • The draft riots next occupied his attention.
  • The religious riots and unrest were long since over.
  • Guntur, riots in, 144.
  • Tinnevelly, riots in, 144.
  • Tuticorin, riots in, 144.
  • As a result, several serious riots occurred.
  • Gordon "No Popery" riots in England.
  • It is customary to class as revolution all disorders from riots to rebellions.
  • The introduction of machinery created formidable riots in the west of England.
  • It tells about Cinderella and informs you on riots in Moscow.
  • And the worm, foul banqueter, Riots on that matchless cheek.
  • Several serious riots have taken place in Stockholm, and Drontheim, in Norway.
  • It will be sufficient to refer to the riots on the Eve of St. John Baptist.
  • I first knew Harney at the time of the Bull Ring Riots in Birmingham in 1839.
  • The Riots of 1863--Mrs.

How To Use Riots In A Sentence?

  • Why is it that their land has been for centuries the land of bloody riots and cowardly murders?
  • The riots continued for several days with little hindrance from the city authorities.
  • The question often arises, why is it there are no more riots and insurrections in this prison.
  • In short, those riots have made mankind sick of them, and give him no chance of success.
  • Both he and Fremin had themselves been sufferers during the drunken riots of the Indians.
  • The next of these cases, in chronological order, is that of the Monmouthshire riots in 1839.
  • I had a little taste of the draft riots during that memorable week beginning July 13th, 1863.
  • He would like to talk to Ferdinand as to whether or not it was forced by the riots of Aranjuez.
  • The aftermath of the New York riots was a correspondence between Lincoln and Seymour.
  • The city authorities were requested to use their influence in quelling the riots but seemed unequal to the emergency.
  • These riots lasted for over a week, and it required the presence at last of the military to quell them.
  • As winter approached the suffering of the poor became so intense that riots broke out and to maintain order not a few were shot down.
  • Hain't that better than discontent and envy and despair, bloody riots and revolutions?
  • It was a time of active political agitation and conspiracy, with occasional local riots that were quickly suppressed.
  • Ugly rumours reached us of riots in other cities, and cruelties the very mention of which was enough to fill one with horror.
  • Regular soldiers and the militia maintained order and discipline, otherwise more horrors would have occurred and riots might have prevailed.
  • You demanded that those participating in the riots and guilty of robbery and arson be pardoned; even this to our shame, we have granted.
  • This finally culminated in the recent riots in Philadelphia in which a number of blacks and whites were killed.
  • Queen Caroline of England, wife of George IV, died; serious riots at her funeral.
  • The rice riots are not often spoken of, but their memory persists, and the fact that they came very near to assuming a directly political aspect.
  • Then came riots among the holders of its paper, who besieged the door for several days, and even threatened to pull down the building.

Definition of Riots

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of riot | plural of riot
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