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  • It was, somehow, both an awe-inspiring and a slightly risible sight.
  • Annette declined to laugh at the most risible caricatures of Tinman.

How To Use Risible In A Sentence?

  • O risible matter (Cato!) and jocose, Digne of thy hearing, of thy sneering digne.
  • Her exclamations, at his extraordinary appearance, were too much for the risible muscles of the rest of the company.
  • She was amazed at his ability to strip a sham and leave it grotesquely naked; shams the risible aspect of which she had never observed in spite of the familiarity four years had given her.

Definition of Risible

Of or pertaining to laughter | Provoking laughter; ludicrous; ridiculous; humorously insignificant | (of a person) Easily laughing; prone to laughter
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