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How To Use Rising In A Sentence?

  • I see it rising above all these, and planting itself in the radiant seat of truth.
  • I noticed here and there a door or a shutter, and a thin column of smoke rising from some chimney.
  • The rising of the congregation for the hymn broke the spell, like the snapping of a thread.
  • The ground rose steeply behind the place, rising up into a jagged ridge against the sky.
  • It was uncanny, this rising sea in a dead calm, and their voices unconsciously sank lower.
  • There lay the hills, rising range after range before him, bathed in the sunshine of early noon.
  • The next day we passed Stromboli, an island formed by a large volcano rising out of the sea.
  • Meanwhile General Sullivan had caught sight of the troops that infested the rising ground.
  • To fleck the meadows green, Than thy untrammelled notes are heard Rising the brakes between.
  • That at its rising makes the infidel, And all day long the world alone Its tale can tell.
  • The rising of the sun was nothing as compared to the rising of the cook who would appease their savage hunger.
  • From the sheltering trees a deadly fusillade swept the hapless files of those who were hemmed about on the rising ground.
  • Far to the north they could discern the golden towers of an immense palace rising high above a large and prosperous city.
  • The people in the valley town can often look beyond the fields and see the mountains rising high and steep beyond.
  • Gray could now distinguish from what direction the sound came, and he hurried forward, hope once more rising up in him.
  • The rising pitch is heard because the ear is rushing down the wave-train, every instant nearer to the source.
  • There was nothing there to satisfy his reasonable ambition, no hope of rising in his profession, and he became discontented.
  • Its internal resistance is comparatively high, seldom falling below 1 ohm and often rising to 6 ohms.
  • A rising young business man of the present time could hardly be expected to find phaetoning an exhilarating means of locomotion.
  • Grief shook his head positively as he gazed at the fringe of palms, only the tops visible, apparently rising out of the sea.
  • There was a wavy line that evidently represented the course of a ravine or gully, and on each side were jagged marks that betokened rising ground.
  • I observed smoke, however, rising from the chimneys; a phenomenon rarely witnessed in the ancient establishment.
  • I stopped short; looked out upon the landscape without distinguishing a feature of it; and felt my gorge rising almost to suffocation.
  • He had talked rapidly, almost like a drunken man, as his reeling brain battled with the rising shock of the malarial stroke.
  • Hubert and Emily paused, and stood gazing at the large beech wood that swept over some rising ground.
  • Marlborough and Eugene took their station on a rising ground, and calling all the generals, gave the directions for the attack.
  • A lark, rising from the field before me, and leaving, as it were, a stream of song behind him as he rose, lifted my fancy with him.
  • It ought to have cured me of my passion for poetry; but it only confirmed it, for I felt the spirit of a martyr rising within me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rising | Rising Sentence

  • Suddenly she sank, the water rising to her shoulders.
  • She was, they discovered with rising eyebrows, shy.
  • There was a savage rising in May 1763.
  • Barometric pressure thirty point zero four, rising ...
  • The tide was rising and running rapidly up the Sound.
  • Farther up there are hills or mountains rising far above the banks.
  • Tis our prejudices that prevent us from rising higher than everyday thoughts.
  • A loud crackling and smoke rising through the cocoanut trees told the story.
  • It waits for thee, yonder behind the sun that is rising on the world.
  • I meant to be awake when the hour that Joe had suggested for rising struck.
  • Although rather averse to early rising in England, it cost me no effort here.
  • The rising sun looked out and saw--the Rock.

Definition of Rising

Going up. | (US, slang, dated) More than; exceeding; upwards of. | present participle of rise
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