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  • She is the risk of the future.
  • Currency by mail is at the risk of the sender.
  • You must take the risk of that.
  • Risk of discovery in transmitting document.
  • Talk of the risk of house property!
  • It was worth the risk of the journey.
  • There was no risk of investigations that day.
  • I will take the risk of not being received.
  • Does he not run a very great risk of being discovered?
  • There was too much risk of missing the mark.
  • He had not been minded to run any risk of murder.
  • He could not run such a risk of discovery again.
  • At the risk of detection they drew a little closer.
  • I bent down, at the risk of falling.
  • She dared not run the risk of breaking the friendship.
  • I could not run the risk of their being treated rudely.
  • The risk of trying to jam the controls was too great.
  • I would serve you gladly at the risk of my life.
  • I want all the fight of it, all the risk of it.
  • We dared not take the risk of going to bed.
  • At the risk of wasting too much ammunition he fired again.
  • No risk of that, had he come earlier.
  • That young man saved your life at the risk of his own.
  • We could not run the risk of being caught unprepared.
  • He would run less risk of capture.
  • But that would be to run the risk of a third removal.
  • You cannot run the risk of sending a man to hell.
  • You shall take the risk of being recognized and caught.
  • Farmers doing this take a gambling risk of a summer rise.
  • One of them said he would follow at the risk of his life.
  • To revive him by stimulants, at the risk of killing him.
  • As to the risk of death, who is free from it anywhere?
  • At the risk of being seen, he put out his head.
  • The risk of losing a mount was one he dared not run.
  • Better waste coal than run the risk of suffocation by gas.

How To Use Risk Of In A Sentence?

  • He dared not run the risk of going farther down the trail.
  • No man dare run the risk of being dubbed a piker.
  • Also, the risk of fire would be greater at that time.
  • At the risk of his life, too, he knew.
  • They could not go out, except at the risk of being frozen.
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