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  • You know the risks and are not children.
  • Bigger risks and larger profits was what they wanted.
  • The next day was full of risks and difficulties.
  • He is bound to run risks and encounter accidents.
  • He runs his own risks and he asks for a big reward.
  • It would harden him to risks and dangers to come.
  • Socialists propose to assume risks and absorb profits.
  • It was taking all the risks, and hitting at everything.
  • She must take her risks, and she surely understands them.
  • He must go forth, taking all risks, and seek it.
  • I like big risks, and I am always willing to take them.
  • He was a man and must understand what his own risks and perils were.
  • We have accepted this war with all its fearful risks, and we will abide by it.
  • Youth looked forward only to victory, thinking little of the risks and dangers.
  • I wish you had run all risks, and cudgelled the old burgomaster soundly.
  • He longed to take risks, and yet he studied every step of the road.
  • Wilson will run certain risks, and I for one would rather not meet them.
  • When I came they took no more risks, and gave me an old family name.
  • My dear friend--you saw the risks, and yet you took them!
  • My lord knows what he risks, and he's in as black a humor as ever you saw.

How To Use Risks And In A Sentence?

  • You paid me proportionately to the terrible risks and for my unrivalled knowledge.
  • This excluded for the moment all considerations of ways and means and risks and difficulties.
  • He had to take countless risks, and was always where the fighting was fiercest.
  • Then comes the battle with the great leviathan of the deep, with all its risks and dangers.
  • I should judge her wise enough not to take risks, and to have an eye for the future.
  • On the weather depends our work and leisure, our comparative risks and comparative safety.
  • Why do men yearn for adventure in wild moments and regret the risks and spilled blood afterward?
  • The young man with normal vision would take no risks, and we soon all joined in the game.
  • Occasional loans, at heavy risks, and corresponding interest, had also brought grist to the mill.
  • The emergency, nevertheless, was one that justified some risks, and I pursued my plan steadily.
  • These are worth some risks, and such as they are need not trouble seriously the most careful mother.
  • Let farmers endorse each other if they will; they know each other's risks and resources.
  • Whoever disregarded it became an outcast and incurred risks and dangers too grave to be lightly faced.
  • They were to share all risks and expenses, and divide what gold they won on its safe arrival at the coast.
  • So this little interview was a leave-taking as well as a solemn engagement for all the risks and dangers of life.
  • They well understand this before beginning the work; they are told of the risks and are paid high wages.
  • I have been speculating to-night upon the frightful risks and dangers surrounding the man who is waiting for a letter.
  • But the captain of the steamer would run no risks, and those who could not swim out to the vessel were left to their fate.
  • He was regarded by his fellow-countrymen as a whimsical acrobat, who took mad risks and paid the price.
  • Grenfall had formed many chance acquaintances during his travels, sometimes taking risks and liberties that were refreshingly bold.
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