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  • Life is full of risks like that.
  • In a moment the risks of her situation were before her.
  • Such risks must be compensated for.
  • And the risks you used to take when you were a young man.
  • They tried to avoid all risks that could be foreseen.
  • He runs his own risks and he asks for a big reward.
  • For the rest, risks must be run.
  • They took no risks, where risks could be avoided.
  • He goes on flattering, then risks a few words of love.
  • She meant to take no risks where Westenra was concerned.
  • And think of the awful risks I have to take!
  • A man who risks his life as do we who are in the fighting line.
  • They involve risks which are unknown and altogether to be avoided.
  • I was thinking of the great risks we were incurring, and made no answer.
  • It not only insured the lives of its members, but took risks on steamboats.
  • I shall run no risks of betrayal by engaging Bridgwater folk.
  • To run such risks seemed to John madness; to Desmond it indicated genius.

How To Use Risks In A Sentence?

  • You paid me proportionately to the terrible risks and for my unrivalled knowledge.
  • All regard him as a hero who is taking terrible risks for the safety of the other fighters.
  • The risks of anticipating are carried by those who create or hold "futures" without a hedge.
  • Well, they weigh, I suppose, like wise men, the risks of their position against its advantages.
  • A grave responsibility if the weather did not hold; but the man who risks nothing will gain nothing.
  • Gold was so abundant it was much easier to dig it than to steal it, considering the risks attendant on the latter course.
  • He was more than usually anxious to make runs today, and he meant to take no risks till he could afford to do so.
  • Whatever the further risks and hazards, though he should take his life in his hands to win to her side, he would struggle on.
  • He understood why she left him, or thought so; it was because she knew he undertook risks and might suffer as his accomplice if they were caught.
  • Is it the miner at the bottom of the shaft, who risks his life every instant, and who will some day be killed by fire-damp?
  • In their more exposed situations in the temples and private houses, the images of the gods ran far greater risks than the private statues.
  • I bought one day, of the horrors of the lead poisoning that was in those days one of the normal risks of certain sorts of pottery workers.
  • This is scarcely surprising when the semi-savage state of the people, and consequent risks to life and property, are taken into account.
  • There was a sameness even in our spoil; for, of course, only the most precious stones are worth the trouble we took and the risks we ran.
  • So that he might make Daphne happy by delivering her father from bondage he decided to take no risks which might lead to his capture.
  • In our Navy it had always been recognised that risks must be incurred in peace, so as to ensure greater safety in war.
  • Instead of losing you on the way to Khinjan, why did I run risks to protect you after you reached here?
  • She had followed her husband whom she adored, as she did not wish him to be exposed to the risks of war by himself, and as her children were with their grandparents.
  • Turn to the conditions, and you will observe that our A No. 1 risks are insured against accident by lightning only.
  • The manufacturer runs more risks in laying by stocks than the spinner, because of the greater variety of his product and the more frequent changes that it undergoes.
  • A may retain commercial risks but find customers through intermediaries; in such an event there would be only partial differentiation of the commercial functions.
  • I know all about those risks which people speak about with bated breath, and I should like you to know that I am quite able to take care of myself.
  • Is it not terrible when one risks what a young woman risks when she is going to meet her lover, and has to trust her reputation to the first cabman she meets?

Definition of Risks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of risk | plural of risk
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