Risky In A Sentence

Definition of Risky

Dangerous, involving risks.

How To Use Risky In A Sentence?

  • The education of that high product is too slow and too risky a speculation for country folks.
  • This perhaps was dangerous and risky on my part, but nervousness just kept me from sitting still.
  • To trust people who had no assets and no income was, on the face of it, a very risky proceeding.
  • This way, on the face of it, is the most risky of the three, but it has its advantages.
  • It was risky work, but the watch was well kept while water was boiled and bacon fried.
  • It seemed a risky thing to do in a country so easily alarmed, but no rapid firing was allowed.
  • Yet I knew it was a risky thing for an octogenarian to go a-gypsying, and with younger men.
  • Finally he had wired, although he knew that a telegram is a risky vehicle for confidential business.
  • It was rather a risky undertaking, but both lads were hardy and vigorous and had no fear of taking cold.
  • Then nurse discovered them, and in her fright and anxiety at their risky position she rushed towards them and screamed aloud.
  • After the men left, the woman suggested that we better leave too, for it was too risky for her to have us there.
  • This idea was a risky one to propose, but he felt desperate at the sight of the child's grief.
  • There may be passages between many if not all, but it is self-evident that navigation is far too risky for the small coracles of the natives.
  • Nelka had done a most risky thing, for had the pistol been discovered in her pocket, it probably would have been the end of all of us.
  • Though he knew it was risky he determined to stop and find out where he was and to inquire the shortest way to Palmyra.
  • Nor had he done it very frequently, for climbing over the ledges is hard and risky work for a boy without two good legs.
  • But, in the presence of such strangers as they had encountered, it was a risky thing to boast of killing and eating white men.
  • It was a risky guess to make on such evidence as Calhoun considered he had, but no other guess was possible.
  • Then came one which we ran, but the following drop was deemed too risky to trust our boats in, and they were lowered by lines.
  • Mr. Lovejoy was of the opinion that trust companies were risky inventions that might some day disappear in smoke.
  • Not one of the men I know here would take another chance as risky as this, once they were out of it.
  • A light overcoat is inseparable from evening dress, therefore it is not considered risky wear for men even on the chilliest of summer evenings.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Risky | Risky Sentence

  • Volunteers were asked for this new and risky job.
  • It is always risky to pack without ice.
  • It is a grand scheme, but a risky one.
  • The fifth ball is played forward for a risky single.
  • It'll be a 'tarnation sight less risky than coming back.
  • I am to do this risky thing in order that he may ultimately succeed.
  • Doctors must have found their profession an extremely risky one.
  • But it's a risky test, just the same.
  • Physical exercising on the sloping decks is becoming a mighty risky thing.
  • There was nothing risky about the proceedings, he declared most emphatically.
  • It is a risky thing, and you are more apt to lose than to win.
  • With only a suspicion to go upon, it was a tolerably risky game.
  • Nelka, who was there in the room, did at that moment a most risky thing.
  • In the Sprague parlors conversation of this risky sort was eschewed.
  • Pretty risky business, I'm afraid.
  • Would he try that sort of risky business, Frank, do you think?
  • No, I've heard say It is at times a risky game to play.
  • Sooner we get there the better, for I'm in as risky a state as you are.

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