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  • There is such a rite as marriage.
  • Commence not thou the rite till he permit.
  • The occasions of the rite are spring and midsummer.
  • The fact is, the rite is a religious one.
  • I wuz bawn rite here in Murry.
  • Cheyne argues that the rite is of Arabian origin.
  • One day, as the afternoon was paling, Rite came.
  • This rite accomplished, I went forth to view the race.
  • The note of permanency in the chronic rite of disinheritance was startling.
  • The mere accurate performance of the rite had a mystic efficacy.
  • Having once left its home, it cannot return with the sacred rite unperformed.
  • Love's rite claims more than banquets; rise!
  • I should first announce The rite unusual, and attend his will.
  • Assurgant proceres, ac velut aureum Et caeleste jubar rite colant eam.
  • The Symbol represents the unknown; the Rite is the ceremony of worship.
  • But it is said: "Admit that the rite was not designed to be perpetual.

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  • With him the later priests associated the origin of the distinctive rite of circumcision.
  • Diodorus says that barbarians still practise the rite of adoption by a fictitious birth.
  • The performance of the rite of this last day is a critical half hour for the town.
  • There is neither feast nor rite to mark the event either for the individual or the group.
  • One rite "is supposed to make the men who pass through it more kindly," we are not told why.
  • Consequently a rite unknown before the arrival of Europeans is now introduced at the Jeraeil.
  • As he entered, Rite sprang up, half-overturning her chair, and ran to clasp his hand.
  • If a chicken is used in this rite it is cooked in the dwelling of the priest and is eaten by the family.
  • He has been so vile a sinner that he foolishly fears the more simple rite of your church will not make him wet enough.
  • The rite is very simple, and consists in the elected pair sipping from the same dish of sacred water.
  • It is later that the rite becomes a mystery, known only to the professional guardian of the shrine or to the initiated few.
  • Fear not that the difference of opinion and rite will hinder our loving you as brothers and fellow-countrymen. ...
  • That is the necessary condition of brotherhood in early times; only those could join in a religious rite who were of the same blood.
  • Probably it was some rite indicative of expiation or of revenge, or both, which he had learned from the savages among whom he had lived so long.
  • The local rite still went on, which acknowledged no central authority and presented the spectacle of an infinite diversity.
  • But if we had found it an established rite in our churches, on grounds of mere authority, it would have been impossible to have argued against it.
  • Every rite assumed its significancy; every prediction met its event; every symbol displayed its correspondence.
  • Though the rite is magical in character, perhaps the decaying flesh might act as manure, and be of real service to the farmer.
  • He told the priest to perform some rite of the Church over her, so that if she were a witch she would be obliged to run away.
  • He seemed like the minister of some dark rite of heathenism, preparing to offer up a victim to the Moloch of his superstition.
  • The rite in question was held sacred by his sect, as a personal memorial of Jesus perpetuated according to his own request.
  • Among the savages inhabiting Australia and the Pacific island groups a similar rite has been discovered.
  • This ancient rite must have been practised in our Parish more than a thousand years before the coming of Christ.
  • For he regards all Divine service and all prayer as a mystic rite which leads the human soul unto God.

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