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  • A lot of curd about rituals and all.
  • To this were added the cult rituals of Confucianism.
  • Like Emily she is impatient of rituals and creeds.
  • Services and Rituals of the Church.
  • Here also myths and rituals were formed by various processes.
  • Other rituals related to hunting dealt with the loss of hunting luck.

How To Use Rituals In A Sentence?

  • Every stage of its growth was ceremonially observed and mentioned in rituals and songs.
  • There is no similarity, however, in the spoken rituals of these two ceremonies.
  • In French rituals church-prayers against the effects of witch-knots are prescribed.
  • The rituals of hand-washing which the wicked caused to lapse into disuse,(119) 32.
  • In most of the old rituals we find that the font was hallowed with various ceremonies besides prayer.
  • Such a view could certainly not have been held if the rituals of the two gods had not been so alike as to be almost indistinguishable.
  • Had he so soon forgotten that strange union of form and sound which once was known to the evocative rituals of olden days?
  • He took sport most seriously, was jealous for its rights and observant of its rituals even in the smallest matters.
  • Great mountain house, made worthy of the rituals of purification, of its possessions nought changes.
  • In ceremonies, rituals occur that are always rhythmically intoned; each line generally terminates in a refrain.
  • In Sumerian religion these were apparently purely private prayers unconnected with the rituals of atonement.
  • An egg is stood on end on the ground, the rituals are named, and the one to be given is determined by the falling of the egg.
  • It is less than surprising then that changes in attitudes and rituals surrounding death among the Washo have changed very slowly.
  • The rituals and ceremonies from which this dramatic dance with its accompanying songs are taken have been handed down through numberless generations.
  • Their combined rituals have exalted the temple into a department-store where the pilgrim obtains anything he can pay for, which is certainly a privilege.
  • Sisters, rituals of, to be performed by | | | brothers, | 40 | 124 | ...
  • Perhaps it is not the most primitive sort; the songs of worship or praise or love which grew out of the earliest dance rituals may have been more closely akin to the lyric.
  • The wearing of the skin established a kinship between the man and the woman, as in the many classical, ancient and savage rituals where the celebrants wear the hides of the sacrificed beasts.

Definition of Rituals

plural of ritual
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