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  • How did the rivals part?
  • Then time was called and the rivals advanced once more.
  • Men at once became rivals for prompt service.
  • To deny that there are rivals is no way to conquer them.
  • My hope was to beat all my rivals out of the field.
  • Among his rivals he found his most sincere appreciators.
  • He had shunned women as the rivals of duty and work.
  • He recovered; but like arrows his rivals passed him.
  • Oh, friend, he rivals a spiritual power.
  • Captain King has few rivals in his domain....
  • There were rivals in the vicinity jealous of my rising reputation.
  • Or The All Around Rivals of the School.
  • His rivals had all had to battle hard in their opening bouts.
  • He felt that his rivals would have to struggle to win it from him.
  • He viewed his more youthful rivals with no attempt at equanimity.
  • By Percy F. Westerman Rivals of the Reef.
  • Her traditional rivals pointed their fingers of fine scorn toward her.
  • The gloves were put on, and then the rivals advanced and shook hands.
  • Its northern rivals call it despitefully the "benighted" Presidency.
  • The Greeks would be better masters than their rivals from Persia.
  • Or, Dick & Co.'s Rivals on Lake Pleasant.

How To Use Rivals In A Sentence?

  • A distant forest or woodland rivals the splendid plumage of some tropical bird.
  • A frank, manly lad and his cousin are rivals in the heirship of a considerable property.
  • The streets became battle-grounds of bowie-knives and revolvers, as rivals hunted each other out.
  • Nothing in sculpture or painting in the outside world yet rivals the skill of France.
  • Powerful rivals advanced their claims, but the procurator ought not to have abandoned his own affairs.
  • Hence he was able to meet the aspirations of rivals and the censures of the disappointed with a good degree of composure.
  • This hypostyle hall lacks, therefore, some of the distinguishing characteristics of its rivals elsewhere.
  • We were rivals in war, thrown on different sides by the fates which gamble so strangely with mere men.
  • But, this did not prevent me from re-acting my coquetry the next time that the supposed rivals met in my presence.
  • They were great rivals and it was interesting to see them in the same play, both such fine talents yet so totally different.
  • The burgomaster determine to receive the illustrious personage in proper style, and ordered the two rivals to hold themselves in readiness.
  • Plato stands as far above all rivals in this particular, as his countryman and disciple Demosthenes.
  • She was truly good-natured and kind, except to rivals in her own sphere, but when jealous she was rather redoubtable.
  • They said the youngsters worked together in a most surprising way, and it was predicted that they would give their rivals a hard pull.
  • Since Leonidas died, his rivals from my own side of the royal house have gathered a great deal more of power.
  • Our own "howlers" stand out in all their horrid nakedness; but we do not realise that our rivals have probably made others far worse.
  • They were blind to the unresting labour, the ruthless devices that left his rivals gaping, and the fixed idea that shaped everything to its needs.
  • His sway over the stage and the popular preference continued until 1773, when a clique of envious rivals at Rome brought about his first disaster.
  • He is less poetic, more literal than the rivals with whom he had contended, not unsuccessfully, for the patronage of London society.

Definition of Rivals

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of rival | plural of rival
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