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How To Use Roars In A Sentence?

  • Instantly the roars ceased, and all the vast crowd stood as mute as carven statues.
  • One of the middies who took the part, was splendid, and evoked roars of laughter.
  • Horrible roars and bellows, loud as those of a thousand angered bulls, shattered the air.
  • His protests and roars of anger went unheeded and he rode on as much a prisoner as Drew.
  • The pass is gloomy and damp, the water roars unceasingly, till it is almost like a constant pain.
  • This proposition was received by the rest of the company with roars of laughter and the fullest approbation.
  • It roars pent up in narrow caƱons, and out again it swirls in a smooth basin worn in the solid rock.
  • He certainly had a sense of humour, and now and then could not refrain from some witticism which set the highly strung lads in roars of laughter.
  • He lay there gasping, choking back with superhuman effort the scarcely repressible roars of laughter that he dared not let out.
  • I hope these magnificent roars and rumblings are making a mess of the barbed wire and German trenches.
  • Like a battle of cats, enormously exaggerated, with screams and roars intermingled, the disturbance rose on the air.
  • At last he seemed to lose patience, for his roars became more frequent and louder and louder, and he lashed his tail more furiously.
  • They then, amidst roars of cruel laughter, pelted him with glass bottles till he was cut and gashed in a dreadful manner.
  • I was as calm as I am this minute, while the bear was letting out roars of rage and pain that curdled the blood of those who heard them.
  • Her tremulous fingers, involuntarily and spasmodically, clutch at the smooth neck of the panther, and the tortured beast roars aloud for pain.
  • He grumbles, and growls, and roars at any order he receives, whether to stand up or lie down; whether to be loaded or to have his packs taken off.
  • Even as he spoke, the purser, two men and four women were washed overboard, their drowning screams mingling with the hollow roars of the ocean.
  • His eight-bore rifle is at his shoulder, the loud report roars out, and the bull staggers to earth, sore-stricken yet not vanquished.
  • The roars of laughter and applause with which this effusion of vaudeville genius was greeted, showed the cheerful spirit in which the public took the affair.
  • Pillars of water rose up and flew then with roars at "The Purple"; they were raging and bellowing dreadfully.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Roars | Roars Sentence

  • A gentleman roars a toast.
  • The fire roars and mutters.
  • The wind growls and roars over the mountain.
  • The boys burst into roars of laughter.
  • The jests evoke roars of laughter.
  • He sat down amid roars of applause and universal approval.
  • I wake up, and the cannon roars louder than ever.
  • She did, indeed, hear the roars of laughter.
  • I did not fear their roars as long as they were at a distance.
  • Yet luckily roars i' the right.
  • The people gesticulated and waved their arms with roars of indignation.
  • The wind roars over the ocean and makes the waves bigger than the ships.
  • The mountains are dark overhead, the water roars in the gloom below.
  • The surf roars over the shoals loud enough to drown the report of a cannon.
  • Better bend to the storm, man; sing low while it roars past.
  • Henry Burns dived beneath the bedclothes and smothered his roars of laughter.
  • They could hear Dick's roars as they neared the adobe.
  • He roars at her, 'Go, leave me this moment!
  • And I hear it thunder, yet the thunder never roars in winter.
  • This man," roars the abbot, pointing at Khorre, "thinks that he is an atheist.

Definition of Roars

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of roar | plural of roar
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