Roasted in a sentence

Definition of Roasted

Cooked by roasting. | simple past tense and past participle of roast

How to use Roasted in a Sentence?

  • The sulphide is roasted in the air until a part of it has been changed into oxide and sulphate.
  • Turkish coffee owes its excellence to the beans being newly roasted and newly ground.
  • Jhore took up his residence there, and subsisted on the roasted matkom as long as it lasted.
  • We cooked our big elk steaks on sticks before an open fire, and we roasted potatoes in the ashes.
  • This lynx meat they roasted by an open fire outside the tilt, and considered it a great treat.
  • They went below a little distance and roasted their food, the meat, and it cooked easily.
  • A blazing fire of pine-logs boiled two tin kettles and roasted two fat wild-ducks.
  • Bill gathered more firewood, cut up the lynx, and roasted the hams, shoulders, and back.
  • Alchise returned at dusk with a beautiful bird which Rhoda and Molly roasted with enthusiasm.
  • There were seven more giants in the cave, and each one of them was eating a roasted pig for his supper.
  • The roasted ore is then melted in a small blast furnace or in an open one like a puddling furnace.
  • They are first roasted in the air, by which treatment much of the sulphur is burned to sulphur dioxide.
  • We just took our time and blew them up and set them on fire, and the crews were roasted or drowned, that was all there was of it.
  • He resumed his seat, and noticed the fragrance of roasted chicken coming through the parted portieres from the kitchen.
  • Soon the chips flew from the tree, and over a cheerful fire they roasted and devoured bear steaks to repletion.
  • I am he to whom the red men devoted this spot, and now and then roasted a white man by way of sweet-smelling sacrifice.
  • There was heat enough below the roof to have roasted meat, so that the physical atmosphere became as turgid as the mental after a little while.
  • After the soup, the waiter brought them some roasted potatoes and butter, and also some slices of cold roast beef.
  • He opened his eyes, and saw the rude little dinner set, and smelt the delicious odor of the roasted bird.
  • Here it is roasted for a period ranging from twelve to twenty-four hours, after which it is drawn into the ash-pit, where it remains to cool.
  • After a short time he untied one of his parcels of roasted grain, and began leisurely to eat it, one grain at a time.
  • The crushed ore, mixed with a small amount of carbon to reduce any oxide or sulphate that might be formed, is roasted in a current of air.
  • When the tide fell he dug clams, and when night came he sat by his little fire, roasted and ate them, and was happy.
  • When I was quite ready she insisted on putting a handful of roasted chestnuts into my pocket, and she said she would pray for me.
  • Over every fire pots and kettles were suspended from tripods, or rested on the half-burned logs, while impaled wild-fowl roasted in front of it.
  • The price of warrens was abated to a mere song, and for a season a Londoner would as readily have eaten a baked child as a roasted rabbit.

Short Example Sentence for Roasted

  • Harry was very fond of roasted chicken.
  • They took the piece of meat and roasted it on the fire.
  • At any rate, he was roasted as a heretic.
  • They roasted chestnuts and told ghost stories.
  • Why must gold ores be roasted in the chlorination process?
  • China, roasted pups eaten in, 78.
  • It was tender; it was good; it was roasted to a turn.
  • Choose your own beef or mutton to be roasted if you are particular.
  • The miserable slave-hunter was to be slowly roasted to death.
  • What part of the blood forms the red gravy in roasted meats?
  • There were great roasts of deer and roasted turkeys stuffed with nuts.
  • The boy shot and killed it, and they skinned it, and roasted it over the fire.
  • In this way each grain became a fine full ear, which they roasted and ate.

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