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  • The caribou were roasting brown.
  • It smells of roasting flesh.
  • There were apples roasting on the hearth.
  • Look after the roasting and keep your hands off the meat.
  • The air was full of roasting beef.
  • Stop roasting the business men and advertisers.
  • Put ham in oven in covered roasting pan.
  • Place in a roasting pan and place in a hot oven.
  • His occupation was roasting and grinding pease and beans.
  • Jack, roasting = turnrostilo.
  • To see, to feel ourselves roasting as in an oven.
  • The odor of roasting fat and spices filled the whole room.
  • Never had Snowflower seen such roasting and boiling.
  • Riving the red-coats, And roasting the Deuk.
  • The sweating bodies of the fighters glistened in the roasting sunshine.
  • He was roasting a pheasant for his visitor's delectation.
  • These directions for roasting beef will apply equally to mutton.
  • Cook slowly while the fowl is roasting for one and one-half hours.
  • They looked more like devils roasting human beings, than any thing mortal.
  • A person may stand for some time in an oven, beside a roasting rib of beef.
  • Slow roasting would have been the least I had dealt that gringo.
  • As he did a drop from the roasting Dragon-heart fell upon his hand.

How To Use Roasting In A Sentence?

  • Some honeymooner from down there had written home about it, roasting the government.
  • The time for roasting varies slightly with the kind of meat and the size of the joint.
  • Use the top of the round which can also be used for roasting or making meat pies.
  • The shoulder and leg are used for roasting and may be boned and then filled and rolled.
  • In roasting meat it is well to remember that the smaller roast requires the hotter fire.
  • They camped there by the creek, and they stayed until they had eaten every roasting ear.
  • We may naturally suppose that roasting before open fires was also customary in this region.
  • And whilst the sun was roasting me in the back, the acrid smell of blood was choking me.
  • The other they skinned and cut up, and were soon busy roasting pieces of its flesh over the fire.
  • The fish were generally cooked by roasting on hot coals from burned oak wood or bark.
  • Contains eight ribs; five of these are the prime cuts and used for roasting exclusively.
  • Place in a roasting pan and roast until tender; baste frequently with hot water.
  • The same directions for drawing, trussing, and roasting will apply to other poultry and game.
  • The practice of divination by the roasting of nuts is yet common in Lancashire.
  • The fire was soon kindled, ducks were roasting in front of it, and the kettle boiling above it.
  • She was down at the "smelter," attending the fire that was roasting the new clay vessels.
  • No differences were found between nut butters whether the process involved steaming or roasting of the nut.
  • The effect of the roasting is first to sublimate and drive off as fumes the sulphur and a proportion of the objectionable metals.

Definition of Roasting

(colloquial) Very hot. | present participle of roast | The act by which something is roasted.
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