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How To Use Robbers In A Sentence?

  • This does not sound strange of robbers but it does of people who are so hospitable.
  • Tell those robbers that if they want to sail with us, they can get into the skiff.
  • Since the robbers made him that offer, the thousand dollars had never once been out of his mind.
  • At sight of them the robbers fled, but not until the count had received a mortal wound.
  • When the robbers are in force, and attempt to plunder openly, they are invariably beaten.
  • The life of adventurers, gamesters, gypsies, beggars, and robbers is not unpleasant.
  • The robbers now prepared themselves for sleep, and I was told that I might do the same.
  • The doctor was suddenly called to himself and his fears, by seeing the robbers resume their weapons.
  • Signaling his comrades, they succeeded in getting the herd in motion before the robbers had approached very close to them.
  • We do all we can to protect the defenceless people, and detachments are constantly going out to drive the robbers off.
  • For ye have brought hither these men, who are neither robbers of temples nor blasphemers of our goddess.
  • But the funny part of the story is, that the governor is to receive a thousand dollars for taking the robbers to sea.
  • We had lunch, and the men covered the elk with pine boughs to keep the camp robbers from pecking it full of holes.
  • The journey was a very severe one, full of peril to his mules from robbers and dangerous roads, and not without risk to himself.
  • Then did he make safe all the road to the Jordan, slaying robbers and other disturbers of the peace.
  • In the course of the repast the tales of robbers which harassed the mind of the fair Venetian, were brought into discussion.
  • The robbers proceeded with great caution, carrying their guns cocked, and looking on every side with wary and suspicious eyes.
  • This is a curious custom, and I have often wondered how the shops were safe from stealing boys or robbers in such cases.
  • But no robbers came, there probably were none; it was a poor neighborhood, nothing grew there, not even a robber.
  • It has been monopolized dishonestly by the Clergy; and, in that sense, they have been robbers as well as deceivers of the people.
  • He was about to go down, when his wife said to him: "Look, they are leading robbers there.
  • The robbers lay upon the forecastle, Sanders with the valise under his head for a pillow, and both of them were snoring loudly.
  • So they went to a house, and while the robbers were searching for cloth, Jhore began to pull the clothes from off the sleeping inmates.
  • A handful of alien robbers is ruining the crores of the people of India by robbing the wealth of India.
  • In the meantime the governor of the province had ordered some robbers crucified near the little vault in which the lady was bewailing her recent loss.
  • He did not know whether this was the work of some of his unknown enemies or whether these thugs were mere robbers intent upon getting his wallet and watch.
  • When the other robbers escaped the wounded bandit eluded the conductor, and made his way into the sleeper, where he climbed into an empty berth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Robbers | Robbers Sentence

  • Supposing robbers were to turn up there!
  • And what is it to be robbers and thieves?
  • The robbers loaded again in an instant.
  • The robbers then hide in any place within the boundary.
  • When all the robbers are captured, the sides change.
  • Would robbers thus eagerly have caught at half-a-crown?
  • They demanded of Wickersham how many robbers there were.
  • The Crusoe men were not rid of the robbers after all.
  • These are merely Western Robbers looting India....
  • One who protects us against robbers by taking away the temptation.
  • The master of the house is expelled, and the robbers are in possession.
  • So saying, the robbers left him, and began their work in the store.
  • The robbers thought it best to follow Sam's advice.

Definition of Robbers

plural of robber
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