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  • There is practically no robbery in the city.
  • Only such advocates as there is for robbery and war.
  • The robbery had not come off, after all.
  • Walsh had heard that we were accused of robbery and murder.
  • Hence, the robbery of the chicken-roost.
  • Our business is not robbery and murder.
  • His was a charge of robbery with violence in the City Road.
  • There had never been an attempt at robbery in the station before.
  • In his mind the robbery had faded into a background of inconsequential things.
  • Even robbery and spoliation could find a defence with the Fehm-courts.
  • Train robbery was a sure passport to Gophertown's protection.
  • Since the robbery I've taken over a good deal of the housekeeping.

How To Use Robbery In A Sentence?

  • There are several reasons why the robbery would be difficult on a great festival.
  • The various theories of the robbery that were advanced would have filled many volumes.
  • He had been convicted of larceny, of assaulting the police, and of robbery with violence.
  • In 1849 a great mail robbery took place, which was committed with very much daring.
  • Besides these murders and acts of violence robbery is of continual occurrence in the Saskatchewan.
  • On February 5th in the following year occurred the only great road robbery known on this road.
  • The robbery of the Bank at Adelaide by Dearing had made a great sensation at the time.
  • It was through the testimony of this man that the motive for the attempted robbery of my house was found out.
  • We have constitutions in civilized communities to prevent robbery and the injustice of majorities upon minorities.
  • We start with the assumption that the robbery was the work of an amateur, we have ample reasons for thinking so.
  • The limit of the official robbery which follows is the ability to pay, as measured by the patience of the sufferers.
  • Yes, he knew of the robbery and knew who she was; he supposed she had called him up to consult him about the case.
  • That afternoon the robbery had been fully discussed, and he was confident that the visitors were in some manner connected with that affair.
  • The newspapers had been full of the robbery at the time it was committed, and columns had been published narrating his exploits.
  • Those convicted for robbery usually received a life sentence; they were considered lucky if they got off with five years.
  • In fact, the papers say that his effects were so small that it seemed difficult to believe that robbery was the motive of the crime.
  • It would be doubtless carefully inspected by any curious banter passing that way, but theft or robbery are unknown here.
  • There's no such thing as a dashing gentlemanlike robbery committed now-a-days on the king's highway.
  • Individual robbery or wrong may beget individual hate, but law in social organization prevents its full expression.
  • In times of peace, the capitalists used to guarantee their interests by means of the "peaceful" robbery of hired labor.
  • It was the name of a noted bushranger, whose last crime had been a daring robbery of the chief bank of Adelaide.
  • A robbery from these postboys carrying the mails between London and Bristol was a common occurrence.
  • What a man gains by robbery he calls the gift of Allah, while what is gained by industry is called by another name.
  • Society forgot its ennui and settled itself complacently to listen to a piquant story of scandal, intrigue, imposition, and robbery in high life.
  • This open robbery gave rise to constant disputes and bickerings between the Indians and the whites, in which the former were invariably worsted.
  • He could feel the roll of bills Prale had given him bulging his vest pocket, so he guessed robbery was not the motive.
  • Or shall it be her mission to awaken Europe to war against greed and avarice, hypocrisy and theft, robbery and violence?
  • If this is not done, he would be the victim of as great a robbery as was perpetrated on the unfortunate landlords by the Land Act.

Definition of Robbery

The act or practice of robbing. | (law) The offense of taking or attempting to take the property of another by force or threat of force.
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