Robes In A Sentence

Definition of Robes

plural of robe

How To Use Robes In A Sentence?

  • She held the white fur robes and wraps which she had brought in from the sledge.
  • Pilgrims sometimes bring the goods for their burial robes here and measure them by this stone.
  • He could not see a baby in long robes without a witty image leaping into his mind.
  • Irene entered stealthily, her satin slippers and creamy robes soiled and wet with dew.
  • The doctor took it, hurried out to the buggy, pulled the robes up around him and was gone.
  • It also has an order of monks with robes and with a rule like those of the Buddhist fraternity.
  • Because it sat for days and days in the robes of a Byzantine Empress to a painter. . .
  • Meanwhile Dame Apafi had entered the room; her princely robes well became her princely aspect.
  • He ordered that the softest robes be brought for his seat and caused him to be served with the choicest food.
  • Your uncle will scarcely be persuaded to put on the robes again, and it's a downright pity.
  • Those robes of scorn have changed to habiliments of light, and that crown of mockery to a diadem of glory.
  • These white robes and the red cross are real proofs that a battle was fought here like that now raging in my own heart.
  • Probably it came down with the robes and a quantity of precious brocades which she herself had sent down from Paris.
  • She says she would so like to see how you look in your college robes and that odd four-cornered hat you all wear.
  • The boy's face was intent, its youthfulness somewhat ludicrous in view of the dark robes he wore.
  • Many of their light robes and shining veils are woven from silky fibres which grow on the trees, and tinged with beautiful dyes.
  • They are clothed in robes woven of good deeds, which never lose their lustre, for they are renewed every day.
  • So they arranged robes to make a soft seat, and he went out to fetch her and came in again, but the people saw him alone.
  • At the beginning of winter, when the robes were at their best, they made the winter hunt, from which they did not return until toward spring.
  • On one of these islands we camped, spreading the robes under a large pine-tree and building up a huge fire from the wrecks of bygone storms.
  • Fine Buffalo robes were spread all around, and the air was perfumed by the odour of sweet scenting grass which had been burned in it.
  • I rose from the pile of robes on which I had been dozing, and, after rolling them up, strolled out after him.
  • But evil things, in robes of sorrow, Assailed the monarch's high estate.
  • And with the robes of the Apaches, and with their head-wear, and with their moccasins, you cover the kee instead of with arrow weeds.
  • The tremendous velvet robes of the purple evening shadows dropped slowly down upon the majestic shoulders of Carrizo, guardian of the valley.
  • Sometimes, when the stock of pemmican or robes is small, the braves object to see their "pile" go for a little parcel of tea or sugar.
  • In wonder and gratitude the frightened page extended her hands, her face hidden in the white robes of the Go Tayu.
  • Who is the blasphemer; the man who denies the existence of God, or he who covers the robes of the Infinite with innocent blood?
  • With a very few exceptions it was a charnel-place of dead, whose gaudy silk and coloured robes were in ghastly contrast with their stiffened and contorted attitudes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Robes | Robes Sentence

  • Her robes were of purple.
  • They were dressing him in the robes of state.
  • His garments became robes of brilliant white.
  • Their robes were all of beaver skin, very beautiful.
  • He was a venerable man, wearing his ribbon-decked robes of office.
  • In white robes and silken cap she watched for the passing of Time.
  • With Tomobei he tucked up his robes to his hams, as if entering a race.
  • And still for fear he doubted much One jewel of their robes to touch.
  • In solemn robes and wraps, A two-legged drama on his own collapse!
  • But next to Colonel Younghusband in robes of bright blue silk sat the Amban.
  • Elle lui donnait des robes de soie, des bijoux, de l'argent.

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