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  • Fifty dollars would have made him the Rockefeller-Carnegie-Morgan of those parts.
  • A man like Rockefeller is praised as a sort of pagan stoic for his early rising or his unassuming dress.
  • The workers of the Rockefeller Foundation have found eighty per cent of the people of the provinces afflicted with hookworm.
  • To head it off the company proposed to the National Committee that a Rockefeller union be set up in the plants.
  • In the wildest popular excitement of America it is known that Rockefeller is stupid and that Bryan is clever.
  • And this Rockefeller support came at a time when that movement known as the "educational awakening" had started in the South.
  • Jeff realized why it is that of course men like Carnegie or Rockefeller and Morgan all know one another.
  • But this was flatly refused; it was either accept the Rockefeller Plan or fight, even though 98 per cent.
  • Rather, far rather, the Rockefeller, that shrewd manipulator of businesses ... with all his parsimony in personal economics ...
  • And beside it Jeff would sit, with his spectacles on and the paper spread out, reading about Carnegie and Rockefeller.
  • Had Edison been as keen a businessman as Rockefeller, and kept his own in his own hands, he would today be as rich as Rockefeller.
  • The heart of the Pueblo strike was opposition to the Rockefeller Industrial Plan, in force in the mills.
  • How often had he heard the judge pass sentences of life imprisonment on Pierpont Morgan and Mr. Rockefeller.
  • But I know that if I did he would tell me that he found it quite impossible to keep up with Mr. Rockefeller.
  • What Mr. Rockefeller was as a silent partner in money matters, Dr. Judson was in matters of the mind.
  • The foresight and ability of Joseph, said Mr. Rockefeller, saved the people of Egypt from starvation.
  • Rockefeller--all of them men in their several ways and circumstances and possibilities, princely.
  • From Croesus down to Rockefeller the story is the same, not only in the getting of wealth, but also in the acquirement of eminence; those men have won most who relied most upon themselves.
  • Jim Randolph, I have to-day a billion dollars, not the Rockefeller or Carnegie kind, but a real billion.
  • By the time old Brady is ready to start the ball rolling there will be so much money stored up for the job that Rockefeller will be ashamed to mention the pitiful fortune he controls.
  • Rockefeller may exceed nearly all of these old-time hoards, there can be no question of the fact that as spenders of enormous fortunes Antony and Caligula have never been surpassed.
  • You could see, as I saw, the night express going north every evening; for all one knew Rockefeller or Carnegie or anyone might be on it!
  • The man who thinks himself Jesus Christ does not quarrel with the man who thinks himself Rockefeller; as would certainly happen if the two had ever met.
  • At the gait he is going, the Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, and Gould fortunes combined will look tiny in comparison with the one he will have in a few years.
  • The pipe-line hand who regulates his daily life by the same moral ideas which have made John D. Rockefeller a shining example of piety will find himself behind prison bars.
  • From 1902 to 1909, John D. Rockefeller gave $53,000,000 to establish a fund for the promotion of general education in the United States.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rockefeller | Rockefeller Sentence

  • Rockefeller and Rogers.
  • Nobody but Rockefeller.
  • Rockefeller Foundation, researches, 73-74.
  • That's Rockefeller, and by the same token, that's me.
  • No doubt Mr. Rockefeller has the same feeling.
  • If there's one thing I want to dream, it's Rockefeller.
  • I'll gamble on that with Rockefeller.
  • It is No. 4, now the residence of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
  • Look at Morgan and Rockefeller and all the men that make a pile.
  • I'm Rockefeller laying on his country estate, Teenie.
  • Omar Khayyam chemically reincarnated in the Rockefeller Institute.
  • The Nubian was as one taking an order from Rockefeller or Rothschild.
  • John D. Rockefeller, the heroic age of American enterprise.
  • In 1902 Mr. Rockefeller organized the General Education Board.
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