Rogue In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rogue | Rogue Sentence

  • A rogue in your own service!
  • What a rogue is my father!
  • This rogue amazes me!
  • The rogue will murder me.
  • There are some things that no rogue can do.
  • What is that rogue calling?
  • You are the same old rogue you always were!
  • But is the rogue like me still?
  • The witty rogue has taken it on himself.
  • The rogue backed out by degrees.
  • We will teach this rogue a lesson!
  • The rogue with the ruff grinned.
  • Oh, what a rogue is here!
  • It gives a rogue the weapon of the gentleman.
  • The rogue eyed him with a sinister expression.
  • A mad rogue stung us.
  • Who can detect the rogue at dead of night?
  • At any rate the rogue could not deny his guilt.
  • I wonder what the young rogue is about to-day?
  • The rogue bewitches me with his wit and honest speech.
  • This rogue speaks like an angry angel.
  • For the old rogue is sure at last to win.
  • The rogue was fishing for protestations, and got them.
  • It is said to be wisdom to set a rogue to catch a rogue.
  • The rogue gave way, slightly.
  • The rogue was mine, beyond a doubt.
  • Why, what an impudent lying rogue art thou!
  • Hildreth was a spoiled, willful little rogue ...
  • Was there ever such a lucky rogue as I?
  • This Pinacle was the greatest rogue in the country.
  • The vulgar rogue is sufficiently represented by the Friar.
  • I never saw a more shrewd rogue than Phormio.
  • He goes on to explain his dealings with the rogue Lapo.
  • Well, I must confess the rogue has taken me in.
  • The Rogue has but one method for all Addresses.

How To Use Rogue In A Sentence?

  • I flatter myself I know a rogue when I see one.
  • Hist., 1882 (Lower Rogue River).
  • Vocabulary of the Lower Rogue River Indians; 211 words.
  • Faith, I think I could lend it the Rogue on good Security.
  • He preferred the frank rogue before the calculating snivelmonger.

Definition of Rogue

(of an animal, especially an elephant) Vicious and solitary. | (by extension) Large, destructive and unpredictable. | (by extension) Deceitful, unprincipled.
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