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  • There are rogues about!
  • How these rogues will triumph!
  • Rogues all, rogues all!
  • These rogues have deceived us.
  • Do rogues show such heroism?
  • What the rogues intended to do with him he did not know.
  • Thieves and jealous rogues have succeeded them.
  • Why should the rogues hide their beautiful faces?
  • Whatever it was, the rogues had got it.
  • There be other modes of death whereby rogues die.
  • Why should I give up so much profit to these rogues here?
  • What rogues they are, and how blind I have been!
  • Hah, one of the Rogues my Doctors.
  • Enough, I understand you, set those Rogues on to murder me.
  • Two of the rogues emptied my pockets and relieved me of my knife.
  • And aye he would be winking and smiling at the young rogues in the corner.
  • When rogues are met in their own strain, they are generally worsted.
  • A whole crowd of the rogues to hang one poor laddie for one goose!
  • Really, the innocence of rogues sometimes elicits the wonder of honest men.
  • But I will make you an example for all rogues under the sun!
  • The Lord will never suffer rogues to prosper in the long run.
  • Weep not for cruelty to rogues in jail: Injustice can the just alone assail.
  • But be rough as nutmeg-graters, And the rogues obey you well.
  • Miss Ruth, at least, must be protected from the rogues below.
  • Where breaks the blue Sicilian say,' the rogues write.
  • That men are naughty rogues we know, The girls are roguish, too.
  • Were the men all such rogues in Aunt Tabitha's day?
  • I find my Shakespeare in his clown, His rogues the selfsame parent own; Nay!

How To Use Rogues In A Sentence?

  • When they bawled the hour all rogues in the vicinity were made aware of their whereabouts.
  • The maxim of the world is to take all men for rogues till the reverse has been proved.
  • The rogues in the ring were keeping information back until weak holders were forced to sell.
  • Where the veto is possessed by the people, in vain may rogues go to the legislature.
  • Hardly had Simon said these words when the three rogues appeared and fell on him to kill him.
  • When I opened them again, the rogues were crept the least thing nearer without speech or hurry.
  • At Angouleme four or five rogues associated together, and drew bills on one another.
  • Gods and goddesses evil heap upon ye, Rogues to Romulus and to Remus outcast.
  • And here's this other great lurdane knave been striking the poor rogues down right and left!
  • Jim should also be well advised by an able criminal lawyer to protect him against these rogues and intemperate reasoners.
  • There was no lack of rogues in the colonies, but their roguery did not take the outlet of highway robbery.
  • So the three rogues got down on their hands and knees and began stuffing the stray jewels into their bulging pockets.

Definition of Rogues

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of rogue | plural of rogue
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